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Metro Atlanta Business Spotlight


Ardra Tippett Owner of Cake Café Atlanta

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People You Need to Know

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Metro Atlanta Business Spotlight

Ardra Tippett: Being the Change She Wants to See in the World and posting blogs where she shares her baking and personal insights. She’s also opening up new locations for her bakery, to share her sweet goods with as many people in Atlanta who want love. With all of that going on, it’s hard to believe that she has time for anything else. But Tippett holds the belief that giving back to the community is the most important thing that a business person can do. “If you’re a business in the community and you’re not giving back to that community, that you expect to give to you, then shame on you. If they don’t have the money, then they have the time.” In conversation, most people might agree with this sentiment, but Tippett does so much more than talk about supporting the community. She sponsors many youth development and high school athletic programs. For Tippett, donating money to good causes is only a small part of her philanthropic duty. She shares her beliefs through the Taste Love Foundation, which provides cakes to young people under the age of eighteen whose parents are incarcerated, deceased, or who are living in rdra Tippett isn’t just Atlanta’s most shelters. After hearing the stories of many women buzzworthy baker. These days, she’s whom Ardra came into contact with, who had buzzing around doing reality TV shows never had a birthday party, she was inspired to like My Momma Throws Down (airing June 10th give back by bringing joy to young people on a on TV ONE), creating webisodes for day when they might have gone unnoticed.


She sees that giving her time can have just as much of an impact, if not more, on the lives of those in her community. When she’s asked to speak at a career day or to a youth group, she always accepts and she doesn’t just stimulate young minds with words, she brings along a batch of equally inspiring treats that seem to say, “Follow your dreams. Life can be Sweet.” When we asked her to dish on the celebrities that she’s baked for over the years, Tippett wasn’t really concerned with name dropping. She is still proud to mention that she was given the opportunity to do something for President Barack Obama (she had the opportunity to bake two cakes during the President’s recent visit to Atlanta). She went on to talk about all her customers. “We treat everyone like celebrities. It’s truly an honor and an opportunity to serve anyone who comes through our doors. Our bosses walk through our doors all day, every day.” There will be more doors for dessert lovers to walk through, with other Cake Café Atlanta locations opening soon. An array of cakes, cobblers, brownies, pies and popcorn will be available. You can learn more about Tippett and Cake Café Atlanta by visiting And don’t forget to catch her on My Mama Throws Down, June 10th on TV ONE.

Daniel Caldwell’s CEO Story: Setting a New Standard at 1st Choice Credit Union


here’s always something that can be said about success. Nearly every person on the planet has their own personal definition for the term, and the way you view your own success changes and shifts over time. But no matter how you define it, there is one thing that separates successful people and their less effective counterparts. Pablo Picasso once said that action is the foundational key to all success. Sophocles believed that success is dependent on effort. Even though there are times when we wish that success would fall from the sky, we all know, deep down, that to succeed in something you care about takes a good deal of hard work. No matter which way you look at it, Daniel Caldwell is no stranger to success. After just four years at 1st Choice Credit Union on Auburn Avenue, he was recently appointed CEO. At just 33 years old, he is one of the youngest CEOs in his field, but for Caldwell, this is only the beginning. For him, success isn’t a personal goal. It’s about the community he serves being successful. His new position allows him to foster the idea of people helping people, in order to better help the community. But success isn’t just about ideas. Caldwell

believes in taking action to move forward, and demonstrated his ability to do so when he walked in the door as a staff accountant just four years ago. When he started in the accounting department, he knew that there was a lot of cleaning up to be done before the institution could progress. As CEO, he approaches things with the same mindset. He’s working to reconnect with the members of 1st Choice Credit Union who aren’t active, before trying to reach out to a new member base. In order to see what action steps have to be made, Caldwell believes in considering every aspect of any given situation. “Always keep an open mind,” he says “because any situation that might not look like the best, if you look at all of it, it might reveal itself to be the best opportunity. Always take a complete look at every opportunity that is afforded.” Booker T. Washington once stated, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” It’s apparent that Caldwell has this notion in mind as he takes his new role on fully. He is leading 1st Choice Credit Union into the future by diligently working to clear away the obstacles, so his community can flourish, and he’s doing so

by staying committed to the principles that credit unions are built upon. His goal is to educate people and show them their true financial worth. And, in that way, his successes allow for 1st Choice Credit Union members to achieve their own.


People You Need to Know

A Spark Plug Publication • (404) 451-4589

Metro Atlanta Business Spotlight

Stormy Wellington reveals Joy, Pain & victory in New Book


n her debut book, The Quiet Storm: My Life, My Process, My Victory, Stormy Wellington shares her harrowing and inspiring story in order to provide motivation for a generation of people who seem to have lost touch with hope. In this personal and provocative narrative, Wellington attempts to show people a way out of their own sense of victimhood by sharing her unique perspective, and revealing the traumas of her past. The Quiet Storm is more than an autobiography. Wellington uses each page to show that adversity isn’t a prison sentence; it’s an aspect of life that everyone can, and should, overcome. Because of improper parenting, Wellington spent most of her childhood being tossed around, abandoned, molested, and abused. She faced countless challenges that no child should be forced to endure; she couldn’t show vulnerability and learned to internalize the pain and trauma of her upbringing. This could have easily become a dead end for Wellington’s future. But thankfully, her resourcefulness, tenacity, and her innate ability to manifest positivity allowed her to triumph over the weight of these painful experiences. “I didn’t let the obstacles define me. A lot of people allow their

environment to dictate who they become. Nothing happens by accident. It’s character building,” she said in a recent interview. Striving to move past the challenges of her early childhood, Wellington took this attitude to the only place she knew, the streets. When street hustling proved to be a game that she didn’t want to win, she began to look for other opportunities to use her abilities. Wellington had always heard that Atlanta was the “black mecca”, a place where black businesspeople could thrive. She arrived with just “one hundred and thirty five dollars, God, and faith.” A year later, she was a millionaire. While her story may not be typical, it stands as a valuable lesson: you can’t achieve anything if you allow your experiences to dictate the rest of your existence. And that’s why The Quiet Storm is much more than your typical story about a girl who made it off the streets. In it, Wellington provides an avenue for her readers’ perspective to help them get “unstuck.” Right now, you can get a copy of The Quiet Storm free when you purchase a box of organic tea, hot cocoa, or coffee at

Bonnie Ross Parker: Make Every Connection Count


onnections. We make so many of them on a daily basis, that sometimes we aren’t even conscious of how important they are in shaping our world. Think about today alone. Before you started reading this article, you’ve probably been in contact with many people. But have you really connected with anyone today? Bonnie Ross Parker would say that there’s a reason to turn every interaction into a real connection. Bonnie, America’s Connection Diva, is the CEO and Founder of The Joy of Connecting®, a unique and innovative customer acquisition/marketing program for female entrepreneurs, businesswomen and professionals who want to strengthen their relationships and expand their businesses. But she understands that there’s so much more value in connection than just pursuing the bottom line. In her dynamic and inspiring book, Walk in My Boots: The Joy of Connecting, she shares her insights, ideas and stories of how connecting with

ourselves, with others, and with the world, creates lasting value. Through reading about her journey as a businesswoman in this interconnected world, you can come to discover that joy exists when we support and honor each other and when we feel connected to those whose lives touch our own. In her book, she shares how we can attract people and form lasting relationships, how to increase our network of contacts, and how to differentiate ourselves in the crowded marketplace. Her journey shows us how meaningful our interactions can be in our daily lives, as long as we have the proper tools to make them mutually beneficial. To learn more about Bonnie and her speaking/ interactive workshops, visit BonnieRossParker. com, where you can also order her book, Walk in My Boots: The Joy of Connecting. In addition, discover how you can become a JOC Leader by visiting

Stormy Wellington’s New Book Is Now Available!


orn to fail! That’s what many would say about the beginning of Stormy Wellington’s life. Born to a mother who wanted to abort her, Stormy didn’t have the best of beginnings. Raised mostly by her brothers and family friends while her mother took care of her business in the streets, it didn’t seem like Stormy had any kind of path to success. And for a while, Stormy found herself caught up in the life of hustling and drug dealing, scheming and stripping. But even in the midst of that life, Stormy had a dream. Inside, she knew she would rise Buy a box above it all. She of Organic was determined Coffee, Tea or never to be a Hot Chocolate product of that and receive this environment. book FREE! The Quiet Storm is the autobiographical journey of Stormy Wellington as she overcame all the traps of her life. Not even her pregnancy at the age of fifteen stopped Stormy from shaping her future and taking control of her destiny. Stormy endured a life that was filled with pain, but instead of being a victim, she embraced her past, understanding the entire time that every situation and circumstance was a part of her process and would help her along her road to success. Today, Stormy Wellington is one of the top network marketers in the country and for the first time, this

renowned motivational speaker and life coach, shares her story. The Quiet Storm is a story of hope and purpose and will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired, knowing that by embracing your past, like Stormy, you can step into the magnificence of your future!

Bonnie Ross-Parker America’s Connection Diva

Shares Her Journey! What People Are Saying About “Walk in My Boots” Dr. Betty L. Siegel, Past President of Kennesaw State University: “To read Walk in My Boots is to understand why women come away from Bonnie RossParker’s Joy of Connecting events renewed in mind and spirit. She defines for us how openness to others – and to the deepest parts of ourselves – can transform our thoughts and our actions, leading us into fuller and more Joyful lives. You should connect with her book today!”

Connie Glaser, Author of Swim with The Dolphins: “Bonnie Ross-Parker provides an inspiring journey on the road to connecting. Prepare to be uplifted by her rich personal experiences and words of encouragement. She will motivate you to go ‘the extra mile’ in your relationships.”

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