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Summer 2011 ISRAEL 2011 Report VISION MUSIC AND DRAMA TEAM A ministry of San Diego Christian College, Department of Music “Your team helped me to understand the importance and value of street-based outreach on a professional level, and the beauty of your multiple public performances was in the fact that you were above par for such types of projects….” God grants VISION permission to visit “The Land” “I was also impressed with your flexibility, willingness to try new things, and servant hearts….” “Your contributions to furthering the Gospel in Israel are highly valued and most appreciated.” —Bill Rogers, our primary host, serving with OM in Israel “I would welcome back your group in a heartbeat….Through your group I was able to witness the powerful effect on people when others sing for them in such professional and even more important, in such a personal manner.” “I’ve seen my fair share of dramas...but your group showed me how powerful and effective really, really well acted dramas can be.” —Michael Moore, co-laborer in Nazareth and nearby communities “It was a very blessed time that we spent with you.… The team was very serious in what they did where they showed much love for the people.... I think they were well trained…. We look forward to work with you again.” —Bishara Deeb, Arab pastor and head of White Harvest Ministry, an evangelistic work among Jews, Muslims and nominal Christians in Israel. VISION XIX, Right to Left (the way Hebrew is read!): Ed Dickinson (SDCC Alumnus and Missionary with San Diego Hebrew Mission), Valerie White, Amanda Graham (Student Director), Nick Mitchell, Heather Lawton, Trisha Guinn, Luke Kanagy, Caleb Davies, Priscilla Norman, Mike Alvarez, Emilie McDonald, Lindsey Davies, Lizzy Byrd, Larry Wilson (Faculty Adviser). The background? Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth. W hen the possibility arose for this year’s VISION Team to minister in Israel, our San Diego contact, Missionary Ed Dickinson, said, “You shouldn’t just pray about going to Israel; you need to ask God’s permission to visit ‘The Land.’” Taking that admonition to heart, the team began praying in those terms. In the process, two members needed to leave the team and were replaced, resulting finally in the team God had chosen for this trip. We are humbled by that! Our three-week journey May 11-June 4 took us to multiple regions in the central and northern parts of the country, allowing us to walk not only in the footsteps of our Savior Jesus Christ, but also in paths trod by Abraham, Joshua, David, Elijah, Peter, Paul, and so many more figures of both Old and New Testaments. We can truly say that we’ll never read our Bibles in the same way again! Our primary focus in Israel, as divinely appointed, and planned by our knowledgeable hosts, was on street ministry—planting seeds of the Gospel through both performances of songs and dramas and distribution of literature.

SDCC VISION Israel Summer 2011 Newsletter

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