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Inside Director’s message___________________________ 2 Medical Spanish course helps nurses_________ 2 Faculty and staff news and notes_____________ 3 Alumna editor turned author_________________ 4 Studying abroad in Toronto___________________ 7 Students help with Erie Rib Fest______________ 8 Psychology grad studies stereotypes__________ 9 News briefs________________________________ 10 SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 2014 H&SS News PENN STATE ERIE, THE BEHREND COLLEGE Giving Children a Solid Foundation Early Education major added Young children are enthusiastic learners, eagerly absorbing new ideas and concepts at a pace more rapid than during any period of formal education that follows. That’s why the foundation for a successful education must be laid early. A Bachelor of Science degree in Childhood and Early Adolescent Education (CEAED), introduced earlier this year at Penn State Behrend, prepares undergraduates to design and deliver high-quality instruction to children in those critical years of preschool through fourth grade. “It’s a truly interdisciplinary degree program,” said Dr. Meg Burke, assistant professor of elementary education and program chair of the CEAED program. “Teachers have to know how to problem solve, think critically, innovate, and be reflective agents; these are all skills developed within a liberal arts education.” One of the greatest resources for the program is in Knowledge Park at the college’s Early Learning Center, which provides myriad opportunities for students to observe, interact, and, eventually, instruct young learners. Greg Cass, a sophomore Childhood and Early Adolescent Education major, reads to children at the Penn State Early Learning Center in Knowledge Park. Chelsea Smith, a junior CEAED major who has been observing preschool students at the center, has already learned that her chosen field requires flexibility and personalization. “I always knew children learned in different ways, but now I realize the importance of truly connecting with each student individually to find the methods that work best for them,” she said. Greg Cass, a sophomore CEAED major, also has been spending time at the center, reading books, helping with art projects, and planting seeds with pre-K students. “I originally planned on becoming a high school teacher, but I really love the passion and energy that young children have,” Cass said. “We’re a lot alike in that respect.” Eunice Moore, director of the Early Learning Center, agrees. “Greg is so wonderful with the kids and they just Continued on page 10  1

School of Humanities & Social Sciences News 2014 - Penn State Behrend

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