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Inside Arts Administration major added_____________ 1 Director’s message___________________________ 2 Twelve years of Lake Effect___________________ 2 Commemorating the War of 1812_____________ 4 Ben Lane Plaza dedicated____________________ 6 History honor society established_____________ 7 Students experience politics firsthand________ 7 Mural points the way to media labs___________ 8 School of Humanities And Social Sciences 2013 H&SS News Penn State Erie, The Behrend College Rethinking Bullying New Major Blends Arts and Business Vee Butler was that kid in junior high who knew every act of The Glass Menagerie and every line of The Sound of Music. “I fell in love with the theatre in sixth grade,” Butler said. “I was always carrying around play scripts. I read them like books.” The Pittsburgh native decided to attend Penn State Behrend on a whim. It may have seemed an unusual choice for an artsy girl with a flair for event planning. “I knew that Behrend wasn’t exactly known for its arts programs, but something just felt right about it,” Butler said. Her intuition proved correct when she received an email last summer from Dr. Sharon Dale, associate professor of art history, announcing a new Arts Administration major. Butler immediately responded with her interest in the program. “It’s a secure career path because you Continued on page 8 } Erie Day School students participate in a trust-building exercise with Bianca Bramblett, left, a senior Psychology major. First things first: It’s no longer called bullying; it’s peer mistreatment. Victims are now targets and bystanders are now witnesses. Got that? You can say it’s all just semantics and that bullying hasn’t changed much since you grew up, but Dr. Charisse Nixon, associate professor of psychology, her student research assistants, and 13,000 fifth- through twelfthgraders across the country beg to differ. Labels matter, words hurt, and adults and peers can minimize the damage. These are facts backed up by three years of research conducted by Nixon and her Maine-based colleague, Stan Davis, for their Youth Voice Project, the first largescale research effort to ask students which prevention and intervention methods are actually helpful. Armed with that knowledge, Nixon and three of her senior psychology stuContinued on page 3 } 1

School of Humanities & Social Sciences News 2013 - Penn State Behrend

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