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LIGHTING THE GREAT DIFFERENTIATOR 1-3 Finished products within the home Staying on trend with home décor elements A home’s exterior What differentiates one home from the next? It’s possible to build a good house and then significantly change the perceived value through: Trim Upgrades Carpentry Plumbing Fixtures Appliances and of course, Lighting So what can you do to make your home stand out? Keep these lighting tips in mind: Create a welcoming atmosphere through lighting! Coordinate your lighting fixtures with other fixtures in your home! Increase curb appeal, safety and security! A well lit space: • Invites guests in your home • Makes people feel more comfortable • Promotes safety to move about your home Let your inner designer come out! • Lighting fixtures should complement finished products, such as faucet fixtures and door hardware • For example if you have nickel faucet fixtures and light kits, stay away from black or bronze finishes for lighting fixtures within the same room • Progress Lighting’s Delta Bath Match products take the guesswork out of coordinating fixtures and finishes Exterior lighting can highlight the architecture of your home. Make sure your home is well lit and features the latest in: • Outdoor lanterns • Landscape lighting • Path lighting What’s on trend now? Minimalistic designs with clean and simple features! Fixtures with textured glass - to hide CFL lamps! Antique Bronze and Brushed Nickel finishes! Rough Luxe designs offer an experience to guests and homeowners! / /

The Great Differentiator

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