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The Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Administration), Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Registrar, Librarian, Provost of the College of Medicine, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Deans of other faculties, Dean of the Postgraduate School, and of Students, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. Introduction That I am deeply humbled to be called upon to deliver this series of university lectures which ends the first decade in this third millennium is saying the obvious. Although I am not a sportswoman in any sense of the word, my observation of university lectures since I came into the employment of this university has led me to deduce that it is like a generational academic Olympiad—where a faculty can only be called upon to field a candidate once in about ten or more years, especially now that our university has a 13-faculty structure. While checking the record of scholars from the Faculty of Education who have been privileged to deliver university lectures from 1962 to date I found that Emeritus Professor E.A. Yoloye (Institute of Education) delivered in 1979, late Professor C.G.M. Bakare (Guidance and Counselling) delivered in 1986, late Professor J.A. Adedeji (Physical and Health Education) delivered in 1992 while Professor M.A. Omolewa (Adult Education), who is Nigeria’s current Ambassador to the UNESCO, delivered in 1999. It then follows that this is the first series to be presented by the Department of Teacher Education and also in the discipline of Philosophy of Education. To be called upon to step into the same shoes as these intellectual patriarchs is to say the least, intimidating. It is intimidating to follow the same paths traversed by one’s masters, mentors, and motivators—those who were already on the uppermost rung of the ladder of self actualization in their academic career even before I earned my Ph.D degree. But intimidation gave way to comfort when I realized that in this olympiad, I am a marathon runner without a competitor. This allows me to be myself in the race to give my best in my academic discipline in a way that will make an impact on my audience and on my discipline—both in theory and possible application of theory to practice.

Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture

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