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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2012 HYDERABAD WWW.POSTNOON.COM WEATHER: A MIX OF CLEAR AND CLOUDY SKIES; 23°C Vettel became only the third driver in Formula One history to win three successive titles, equalling the feats of the great Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio and his own childhood idol Michael Schumacher, who finished seventh in his final race. 32 PAGES `3 RACING AROUND THE WORLD P16&17 M ANIL KUMAR HYDERABAD’S FIRST COMPACT AFTERNOON NEWSPAPER ILLEGAL BUILDINGS, a cat and mouse game The City has at least 10,000 illegal buildings that have violated building laws and yet the GHMC has no permanent solution. REPORT ON P4

Postnoon E-Paper for 27 November 2012

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