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Hand Carved Butter Molds Folding Easter Cube Butter Mold Mold measures approximately 2.7” L x 2.7” W x 2.8” H. #KOR102 - $49.95 Easter Lamb Wooden Butter Mold Mold measures approximately Easter Chick Wooden Butter Mold Mold measures approximately 4.5” W x 2.5” H x 1.5” D. #KOR101 - $39.95 3.75” W x 2.75” H x 2” D. #KOR103 - $29.95 (800) 278-9393 Butter Mold Instructions: 1. Insert dry and assembled mold into a freezer for 30-40 minutes 2. Remove it from the freezer, coat with non-stick cooking spray and fill with softened butter 3. Place into freezer for another 40-50 minutes 4. Carefully open mold by wedging a butter knife into the cutout 5. Delicately remove frozen form 6. Clean the mold with water and mild detergent. Do not soak the item when washing. Item is not safe for use in dishwasher 7. Towel-dry the item or allow the item to air dry. Please note: it is important to allow air flow to reach all sides of mold when drying. If one side is left wet while the other sides dry, warping could occur. .

Polart Spring 2013 Catalog

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