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SPRING 2013 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTER MS CONNECTION NEWSLETTER TWISTS OF FATE BY JULIE HARE Life often hinges on twists of fate. Only a few years ago, I was a full-time elementary school teacher and my husband, Stephen, had a management position at a local Napa Valley winery. Then, I was diagnosed with MS, and other significant events happened, as well. The economic downturn caused my teaching job to be eliminated and Stephen was informed by his new boss that his services at the winery would no longer be required. Things seemed so bleak that we agreed we had nowhere to go but up. While I was attempting to face and accept my new life with MS, I sought out and found support from family, friends and various MS programs. I benefited from webinars, teleconferences and counseling sessions, to name a few. I was amazed at the depth of help and services available to individuals living with INSIDE 04 THIS ISSUE KEEPING PEOPLE MOVING WITH FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE 06 MS and their support partners. The more I benefited from these valuable programs, the more passionate I became about wanting to figure out a way to give something back so others could benefit, as well. ...continued on page 3 JULIE HARE OF COUNTER PUNCH WINES PROGRAMS FOR WHEREVER YOU LIVE 11 MEET OUR COMMUNITY SERVICE INVESTIGATORS 15 PROGRESS IN MS THERAPIES

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