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FALL 2013 NORTH BAY: PROGRAMS & SERVICES IN YOUR COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT AND MS RESOURCES The National MS Society recognizes the critical connection between economic security and quality of life. Throughout the course of living with multiple sclerosis, many people will have to deal with a changing status in the workforce prior to being able to apply for Social Security retirement. An individual’s sense of security is unique given levels of household income, age, savings, dependents, career paths and lifestyle, but many federal and state government programs and legislation that people with MS may eventually access are the same. How much do you know about Social Security Disability Insurance, State Disability, accessing job retraining or understanding applicable laws for your current job? At the Northern California Chapter, we have a comprehensive approach to address workforce shifts. On our website you will find a collection of critical links and recorded teleconferences that address key issues such as applying for California State Disability Insurance, Federal Social Security Disability Insurance, disclosing your disability, and career changes. Another great resource is the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). JAN is available to both employees and employers for free and is funded by the US Department of Labor. This is a resource which helps people with disabilities continue to succeed in the job they already have. JAN is the leading source of expert and confidential technical assistance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. Also recommended is This website clearly defines the differences between benefits and resources available to people with disabilities. Accessing these tools may help answer many of your questions. Our chapter is here to help you consider your choices. If you need to talk with someone, call 1-800-344-4867 to connect with a trained individual consultant who will help you consider the different choices. You can also connect with your local Community Development Manager, Ann Johnson at 916-927-9195 or email ◊ FIND EMPLOYMENT RESOURCES ONLINE You can access these employment resources by visiting us online at www.NationalMSSociety. org/can. Click on the Programs and Services tab in the middle of the page.

Fall 2013 MS Connection_North Bay

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