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Valley Record SNOQUALMIE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 2014 n DAILY UPDATES AT WWW.VALLEYRECORD.COM n 75 CENTS Hiker stays moving to survive lost night Alone on Rattlesnake,‘he was tired, cold, hungry and missing a shoe’ “It was 6:30 a.m.—a broken femur.” A motorized cart had flipped on its driver, injuring the man. “It was freezing, windy, the rain was blowing sideways. I was there, managing that call. That’s what I’m going to miss,” said Rowe. Not the meetings, not the paperwork—but the real responses, out in the real world, that he’ll remember. A hiker got lost overnight on Rattlesnake Ledge near North Bend last week, and managed to survive the night by staying on his feet. According to a report from the King County Sheriff’s Office, would-be rescuers from Seattle Mountain Rescue, King County’s 4X4 and Explorer Search and Rescue teams, plus search dogs, the sheriff’s helicopter and a small plane, all combed the wet ridge late last Tuesday and early Wednesday, Feb. 25 and 26, after the young man went missing some time before 9 p.m. The hiker had separated himself from a group of five friends, hiking the main Rattlesnake route, then took a spur trail. His fellow hikers waited for him at the ledge, but he never appeared. After checking the parking lot, to no avail, they called for help. Searchers with Seattle Mountain Rescue found the spur trail, and searched into the early hours of Wednesday, but couldn’t find him that night. The hiker was found that morning by a maintenance crew of the Cedar River Watershed, who were driving on a back road. SEE CHIEFS, 13 SEE SEARCH, 5 Seed lovers unite to share strains, wisdom Page 9 Seth Truscott/Staff Photo SCENE As one era closes, another opens at the Snoqualmie Fire Department, where Mark Correira, left, started the year as the new fire chief. Outgoing Chief Bob Rowe, right, will retire this spring, but lingers for now in the role of battalion chief as Correira gets settled. Scenic beauty: Ready your pics for 2014 Valley photo contest Page 15 Changing of the chiefs As Snoqualmie Fire rebooter Bob Rowe eases out, Mark Correira ponders new era BY SETH TRUSCOTT Editor INDEX On a cold winter morning a few weeks ago, Bob Rowe found himself on a call. Letters 4 8 Calendar 11 Schools 9 Movie Times 14 Obituary On the Scanner 19 Vol. 100, No. 41 Deal finally happens, for most school staff District finalizes classified contract, secretaries deal still in talks BY CAROL LADWIG Staff Reporter Classified staff, including bus drivers, custodians and food service workers in the Snoqualmie Valley School District now have a four-year contract in place. The contract, approved by a vote of the Public School Employees (PSE) union Feb. 13 and the school board Feb. 27, includes a 2 percent pay increase for each of the next four years. The contract is also retroactive to Sept. 1, 2013. The union’s previous contract expired Aug. 31, and the staff had been working under the terms of that expired contract for most of the 2013-14 school year. Snoqualmie Valley School Board members were congratulated on finalizing the PSE contract, and urged to work on doing the same with the Snoqualmie Valley Administrative Secretaries Association (SVASA), also working under a contract that expired in August. SEE CONTRACT,5 Talks timeline Sept. 8: The teachers union approves contract, averting strike. A three-year contract includes 2 percent annual pay increase. Feb. 13: Classified employees union approves contract, for four years, with 2 percent annual increase. Ongoing: Snoq. Valley Administrative Secretaries union still in talks, facilitated by mediator. YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER, SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF SNOQUALMIE n NORTH BEND n FALL CITY n PRESTON n CARNATION Exceptional Coverage, Hundreds in Savings. PERSONAL ATTENTION. GREAT RATES. CALL NOW! 425.222.5881 KEVIN HAUGLIE - Your Local Agent | Serving the Snoqualmie Valley since 1985 - Snoqualmie • Fall City • Duvall 969650 NEWS By Valley Record Staff

Snoqualmie Valley Record, March 05, 2014

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