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Valley Record SNOQUALMIE Wednesday, july 17, 2013 n Daily updates at n 75 cents 19070 S YEAR Deciding to decide School board agrees to 'vet' full high school remodel option for future bond A supplement to the local VALLEY RECORD SNOQUALMIE By Carol Ladwig Staff Reporter Saturday, July 20 In the heart of North Bend, Wash. Full schedule, faces and fun at North Bend Block Party See Inside With a new home, North Bend crews are All fired up Carol Ladwig/Staff Photo HEALTH Getting settled in their new home, firefighters and paramedics—from left, Firefighter Nick Parker, Deputy Fire Chief Bud Backer, Paramedics John Baxter and Larry DeGroen, acting Lieutenant Bob Venera, Battalion Chief Craig Hooper, and Firefighter Cody Ramstad—give an early tour of the station, which includes touches from the old one. Animal therapy: Pets can make you feel better, says Valley artist Page 4 Station 87 opens doors during Block Party Saturday By Carol Ladwig Staff Reporter North Bend firefighters moved into the shiny new Station 87 last week and were happy to find they had lost some things in the move. No rat pictures hanging from the ceilings to indicate where the traps were, and no stairs anywhere in the building. No cramped quarters in the sleeping area, or in the equipment bays, and no more nagging worries about what an earthquake Index or flood might do to their station. The feeling of the old station was missing, though, too. “There were a lot of memories in that place,” said Acting Lieutenant Bob Venera, who’s been a part of the station since the early 1970s. In 2010, when Ames Lake resident Caroline Mancini was training for a three-day walk for breast cancer, she was short of breath and couldn’t climb. She had noticed other health problems – indigestion, bloating and backaches—but put off dealing with them. da for their Aug. 15 meeting, calling for further 'vetting' of the proposal. “What you're talking about is focusing down on Option A,” said Superintendent Joel Aune, not committing to one bond option and rejecting the others. He urged the board to be very clear about this action when they discuss it next month, as “… acknowledging that we have a ways to go, and we want to take a closer look at Option A.” Two board members, Dan Popp and Marci Busby also were reluctant to take more official action. Popp wondered at the certainty that both Hodgins and Geoff Doy expressed that Option A is the right choice, saying “we're not there yet.” See MANCINI, 4 See BOND, 7 See station opens, 2 Racing against a ‘silent killer’ Opinion 4 7 Obituary Classifieds 17-21 On The Scanner 22 23 Calendar Caroline Mancini spreads word of ovarian cancer symptoms By Seth Truscott Editor Vol. 100, No. 8 Courtesy photo Symptoms were subtle for Caroline Mancini, who discovered she had late-stage ovarian cancer. Pictured with children Joe and Bella, she’s taking part in a regional walk for a cure. It is time to take action on a new school bond, said three Snoqualmie Valley School Board Directors, plus a handful of citizens at the group’s July 11 meeting. By the end of a 2.5hour discussion, they had, unofficially. Option A, the Option A $200 million scenario that would • A $200 milbuild a new elelion, sevenmentary school year high by September, school remodel 2015, and reconproposal, struct the high called Option school over the A, is the choice next seven years, of a majority was the winning of board memchoice, but only bers. for further explo• This option ration. Board would build a members infornew elemenmally agreed to tary school by add an action 2015. item to the agen- BE TRAVEL READY YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER, SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF SNOQUALMIE n NORTH BEND n FALL CITY n PRESTON n CARNATION TIRES • BRAKES • SHOCKS • BATTERIES LIFTS/LOWERING • ALIGNMENT 610 E. North Bend Way • North Bend • 425.831.6300 816534 PARTY Photo by Clay Eals

Snoqualmie Valley Record, July 17, 2013

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