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GLOBE THE MARYSVILLE SPORTS: Cougars’ Nelson places in the top eight. Page 8 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2013  WWW.MARYSVILLEGLOBE.COM  75¢ P A P E R AT T 2 E 189 OUR C TY SINC NI THE N E OF HE T HEA&URL SO U OMM JROTC members earn honors BY KIRK BOXLEITNER SPORTS: Fuerza FC girls to play in WA Premier. Page 8 Kirk Boxleitner/Staff Photo University of Washington Naval ROTC Midshipman Ray Vital, left, inspects the rifle of Marysville-Pilchuck High School Naval Junior ROTC Jaimey Kelly during the Olympic Division Northwest Drill and Rifle Competition at the M-PHS campus on Feb. 23. COMMUNITY: Superintendent search continues. Page 15 INDEX CLASSIFIED ADS 12-14 7 LEGAL NOTICES 4 OPINION 5 OBITUARY 8 SPORTS 6 WORSHIP Vol. 121, No. 31 MARYSVILLE — The Marysville-Pilchuck High School Naval Junior ROTC seemed to be feeling a bit of a home field advantage at the Olympic Division Northwest Drill and Rifle Competition at the M-PHS campus on Feb. 23. The M-PHS NJROTC walked away with sixth place in the physical fitness evaluations for male JROTC cadets, as well as fourth place in Color Guard 1, the unarmed drill down, the dual armed exhibition drill and the physical fitness evaluations for female JROTC cadets, while also taking third place in the armed drill down. Marysville scored even higher in the unarmed and armed drills prior to the drill downs, taking second place for their armed drill team, and first place not only for their armed drill team commander, but also their unarmed drill team and commander. As a result, the M-PHS NJROTC will be represented in the regional competition later this year, in the categories of Color Guard 1, physical fitness evaluations, armed drills and unarmed drills, with Marysville earning the distinction of division champions in the latter category on Feb. 23. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the M-PHS NJROTC cadets were initially drawn to the organization due to their own families’ histories of military service, although some simply found that the program struck their fancy. However, all the cadets who were interviewed agreed that the military aspect of JROTC is only one component of a SEE JROTC , PAGE 2 Norton appointed to City Council BY KIRK BOXLEITNER MARYSVILLE — Kamille Norton was appointed to serve in the Position 7 seat on the Marysville City Council during the Council’s Feb. 25 meeting, after she and eight other candidates for the position were interviewed by the existing six Council members that same evening. During the Feb. 11 City Council meeting, at which Norton and her fellow Council candidates introduced themselves to the Council and the members of the general public in attendance, she described herself as “a mom who cares about her community and her children,” with passions for “liberties and sound fiscal policy.” Norton is an active community volunteer who serves on the city’s Civil Service Commission and Salary Commission, and is director and founder of Marysville Select Girls Basketball. During the Feb. 25 City Council meeting, Norton and her fellow Council candidates were sequestered until they could receive the same questions that each Council member asked each candidate, starting with Steve Muller, who asked Norton whether she’d ever been part of a group decision in which the majority of the group did not share SEE NORTON, PAGE 2 Kirk Boxleitner/Staff Photo Kamille Norton, right, takes her seat in the Marysville City Council on Feb. 25 alongside fellow Council member Steve Muller. 738867 WS

Marysville Globe, February 27, 2013

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