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Herald North K itsap wedding expo: All you need in one location / In Kitsap Week Kitsap Wedding Expo Friday, February 8, 2013 | Vol. 112, No. 6 | | 50¢ In the Herald Everything in one location to realize your wildest wedding dreams Saturday, February 16, 2013 • 10am - 5pm • Kitsap Sun Pavilion Proposed: Tax millionaires for schools By KIPP ROBERTSON OLYMPIA — In an effort to increase funding for education in Washington, 17 state representatives have proposed a bill that would impose a 2 percent tax on individuals earning $1 million a year. The tax would affect about 4,000 taxpayers and would raise $167 million in 2014, according to fiscal notes available on the Legislature’s website. Revenue would increase to $221 million by 2019. HB 1545 went through its first reading Jan. 30 and was referred to the House Committee on Finance. “I don’t think it’s unfair to ask those who are rich to put in a little extra,” said 23rd District state Rep. Sherry Appleton, a Democrat and co-sponsor of the bill. The tax would be imposed on “the receipt of adjusted gross income above one million dollars by residents or qualifying nonresidents deriving See WEALTHIEST, Page A3 Erickson ‘leaning toward Townsend’ for chief of police valentine’s day Where to take your sweetie on Feb. 14 — Pages A11-12 By RICHARD WALKER sports n Challenger baseball gives everyone a chance to play — Page A8 Connor Wall, KT Deam break records n — Page A8 The Voice of North Kitsap since 1901. Named a 2012 Newspaper of the Year by the Local Media Association Melinda Weer and her son, Scott, stand on one side of their driveway, part of which washed away in a storm in November. The Weers say the city is responsible for replacing the culvert, which was under their driveway. Megan Stephenson / Herald Family says city has obligation to replace washed-out culvert, plans to file lawsuit By Megan Stephenson POULSBO — A Poulsbo resident said she plans to sue the city for breach of contract, saying the city is not fulfilling its obligation to replace a washed-out culvert that has cut off vehicle access to her property. An electrical fire broke out in Melinda Weer’s kitchen Jan. 28 while she was home with her autistic son — already a nightmarish situation. Poulsbo firefighters were unable to get to her house because of a 10-foot gap in her driveway. The culvert under the driveway had washed out in November. Weer has had a dispute with the city over who is responsible for the culvert since her family moved into the home See dispute, Page A4 Valentine’s Day 4-Course Dinner Special in Little Boston Bistro Lobster Feast Buffet in Market Fresh Buffet Blackjack Tournament at 7:00 PM Couples Poker Tournament at 6:00 PM TPC-4562-13 North Kitsap Herald Banner.indd 1 POULSBO — Poulsbo could have a new police chief soon — possibly before the weekend — and Mayor Becky Erickson said Thursday she’s “leaning toward Alan Townsend,” the police chief of Port Orchard. Townsend, 47, emerged Tuesday as a surprise candidate for Poulsbo police chief; he had served on a panel that interviewed other contenders for the job. Those candidates met the public in an open house Jan. 30 at City Hall. See POLICE chief, Page A5 Flag flies over City Hall to honor the Sami people By Megan Stephenson POULSBO — Michele Wasson of Silverdale is proud of her Sami heritage. Her family, the Baltos of Karajok and Kautokenio in the far north of Norway, are Sami historical figures. Balto, the Siberian Husky sled dog who delivered a desperately needed diphtheria antitoxin to Nome in 1925, was named for Wasson’s great-granduncle, Sami See SAMI, Page A3 Close to Home... Far From Ordinary.® Kingston, WA 1.866.547.6468 2/6/13 10:29 AM

North Kitsap Herald, February 08, 2013

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