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Index News Editorial Letters In Other Words Arts&Culture Sports Classified Blistered in Boston 3 8 9 12 17 20 23 Next stop Manitoba Richmond Sockeyes head to Keystone Cup today after capturing their fifth ever provincial junior “B” hockey championship in convincing fashion A Richmond runner may have an everyday blister to thank for saving her life during the tragic events of the Boston Marathon. 3 SOURCE FOR LOCAL SPORTS , NEWS $109 ROYAL FLUSH 604-273-1071 ONLY VALID AT 5651 No. 3 Rd, Richmond 20 W E D N E S D A Y , YOUR $1888 , A P R I L W E AT H E R AND 1 7 , 2 0 1 3 E N T E RTA I N M E N T ! WWW .RICHMOND-NEWS.COM Election countdown Who will represent Richmond? See full story page 3 Richmond Centre Richmond East Teresa Wat Gary Law Michael Wolfe No photo available Linda Reid Gian Sihota Nathaniel Lim Frank Huang Chanel Donovan Richmond Steveston John Yap Carol Day Mike Donovan Jerome Dickey Scott Stewart AUTO WEST BMW xPERIENCE SPRING EVENT Enjoy incredible savings on all new, pre-owned and demo BMWs! see Steves page 4 2013 BMW X3 xDrive28i Demo LEASE PAYMENT/mo LEASE RATE 396 1.9 $ %* * see Dad page 4 INCLUDES 4-Year / 80,000 km NO-CHARGE SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 48 Months Auto West BMW 10780 Cambie Road, Richmond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

Richmond News April 17 2013

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