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W E D N E S D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 3 $1888 $3845 Transmission FLUSH 604-273-1071 ONLY VALID AT 5651 No. 3 Rd, Richmond YOUR SOURCE FOR LOCAL SPORTS , NEWS , W E AT H E R AND E N T E RTA I N M E N T ! WWW .RICHMOND-NEWS.COM Hockey coach jailed for tripping players BY ALAN CAMPBELL A hockey coach who tripped up two young Richmond players during a post-game handshake was stunned when he was handed a 15-day jail sentence on Tuesday. Martin Tremblay admitted assaulting the two Richmond Steel players following a heated spring hockey gold medal game at the UBC Thunderbird Arena last June. The Crown had asked for his before serving the rest of his sensentence to be served in the comtence on consecutive weekends. munity, while Tremblay’s defense A shocked and red-faced counsel had asked for a lesser Tremblay put his hands in his conditional sentence. pockets when the sentence was It was, therefore, a surpassed and then offered prise when Richmond his hands behind his Provincial Court’s back to be cuffed by the Judge Patrick Chen told sheriff officer. Tremblay he would, startReferring to ing Tuesday (yesterday), Scan this page Tremblay’s tripping as a be taken to Surrey Prefor video “cowardly sucker-punch trial centre to begin a jail of an unsuspecting victim,” the term. After one day in custody, judge said society “will not tolTremblay will then be released, erate the assault of children by adults. “If anything, the need for deterrence is stronger here, as he was a coach at the time … this could have generated into riotous behaviour and the court has a high duty to protect children.” Tremblay’s lawyer, Bob Bellows, asked for the jail term to run intermittently, so his client could continue working to support his family. see full story online Firefighters douse flames of bullying BY ALAN CAMPBELL ALAN CAMPBELL/RICHMOND NEWS Richmond Fire-Rescue will be wearing their pink T-shirts and visiting elementary schools with their anti-bullying message today (Wednesday) for Pink Shirt Day. The firefighters will read specially selected short stories to the students. AUTO WEST BMW EXCEPTIONALLY DRIVEN. IN EVERY WAY. D+8+5 .?C?6?E8 0+;85 39A'H2I2;G 8-AJ;AAF ?C6 83;/+93 93C5;3& *?88+AC?53 >3A>H3 J+5- >;3F+2F 83;/+93 ?C6 3I93>5+AC?H 1,B /3-+9H38& Auto West BMW @%!&#="&##$= 425AB3851,B $%=:% .?F<+3 )A?6( )+9-FAC6 ?25AJ385<FJ&9AF 7425AB3851,B Firefighters from Richmond Fire-Rescue will be on a mission of a different kind this Wednesday. Rather than racing to put out fires or extract people from the wrecks of cars, firefighters from all over the city will be visiting elementary schools with their antibullying message on Pink Shirt Day. During the day — a nationwide event to raise Scan this page public awareto share this ness about article bullying and promote prevention — fire crews will read specially selected short stories to the students. And they’ll all be kitted out in gloriously pink T-shirts to mark the day and do their bit to douse bullying behaviour. “The guys are very much looking forward to going out there and speaking to the kids,” said Richmond’s fire chief John McGowan. see Proceeds page 4 Balancing the books? B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong visited the Richmond Chamber of Commerce on Friday to discuss the B.C. Liberals’ budget. 5 Blast off! Anderson elementary school students set up an extreme space station at Aberdeen Centre in celebration of education week. 12 Drought is over Steveston-London Sharks have become the first Richmond senior girls basketball team to qualify for the provincial AAA tournament in 12 years after their third place finish at the Lower Mainland Championships. 22 Index News Editorial Letters Arts&Culture In Other Words Sports Classified 3 8 9 12 17 22 24

Richmond News February 27 2013

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