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W E D N E S D A , Y J A N U A R Y 3 0 , 2 0 1 3 $1888 $3845 Transmission FLUSH 604-273-1071 ONLY VALID AT 5651 No. 3 Rd, Richmond YOUR SOURCE FOR LOCAL SPORTS , NEWS , W E AT H E R AND E N T E RTA I N M E N T ! WWW .RICHMOND-NEWS.COM Police probing human remains find Nature of the grisly discovery on the west dyke means skeleton could be years old For the families’ future BY ALAN CAMPBELL MLA Linda Reid signed off on the transfer of land in the city centre to a housing society for it to build six affordable singlefamily homes. Police are investigating the discovery of human remains in a remote marsh area of Richmond. Richmond RCMP received a report around 10 a.m. Saturday that the remains, believed to be skeletal in nature, were found on the west dyke near Blundell Road. Police say a work crew surveying the area located the remains and immediately called police. With the assistance of the Coast Guard, investigators made their way to the area and such was the apparent age of the skeleton, police suspect it has been there for some time. The immediate area was secured and a coroner on the scene said the skeletal remains do not appear to be recent. 3 PHOTOS SUBMITTED BY DOROTHY PITRE A police team, above and left, scour a remote marshy area on the west dyke for clues after a Coast Guard crew spotted a human skeleton. The coroner is now investigating the find. Law goes it alone, NDP launch East bid Foreign invasion Steveston is awash these days with an array of accents, flavours, skills and produce gathered from around the globe. 17 Election heats up with Mountie, transit operator BY ALAN CAMPBELL & YVONNE ROBERTSON The Richmond Centre riding took another twist Friday when Mountie Gary Law announced he will run in May’s provincial election as an independent candidate. Law, a Burnaby corporal who’s devoted decades of service to the local community as a Richmond resident, was being lined up to run for the Liberals in departing Rob Howard’s patch. But in controversial circumstances, the Liberals pulled Law’s nomination and the police are investigating claims he was threatened by texts and calls demanding he pull out of the nomination process. The Liberals have, instead, installed media executive Teresa Wat into the hot seat for the election. On Friday, Law released a statement to the media, saying he recognizes the added challenge of being an independent but said that, with the support of the community, he will accomplish his “long-term personal goal, and that is to serve my community, my province and my country.” He said, if elected, he would pay close attention to Richmond’s emergency preparedness for disasters, juvenile delinquency and affordable housing for seniors. “With your support and participation, and with your vote, we can have hope and hope will bring change,” said Law. Law urged the public to join his team in the run up to the election. Meanwhile, the NDP have nominated Richmond resident Gian Sihota as the Richmond-East candidate to take on long-standing Liberal MLA Linda Reid in the provincial election. “I’m excited to bring positive change to the people of Richmond-East,” said Sihota, a transit operator who’s been the president of the Richmond-East NDP constituency association for the past 14 years. Sihota, a strong advocate for human rights and the protection of farmland, plans to focus on traffic congestion in Richmond-East, particularly the infamous Massey Tunnel and Highway 99. He spoke about giving the city more control over protecting farmland and encouraging residents to buy local produce to help local farmers. “It’s the province that has the power to change the law to make sure we don’t lose any more farmland,” he said. Slump busters Gary Law Greater Vancouver Canadians have finally hit the win column in 2013 thanks to an impressive weekend streak of the Vancouver Northeast Chiefs to move up the standings in the league. 22 Index Gian Sihota News Editorial Letters Practical Geek Arts Calendar Sports Classified AUTO WEST BMW RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH SAVINGS. see Steves page 4 ;`$\` 7$Y:`9[N.SP Auto West BMW JL+)L dX.W26 ]UT ]2V3.S-UT "d ,LDPH+FPHHJ+ XIKSE6MKW.EPVS. see Dad page 4 2013 BMW 328i xDrive Sedan Luxury Line Demo 399 $ * ;`$\` ]$[` 3.9%* D) :89[>\ 98Rd>$]?` 2,000 $ ** 87[=89 d]`b=[ NO-CHARGE SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 4 Year / 80,000 km _;6XM6 OXK6M XO6 K3SM6 S556O6U WA ":Z @2-X-V2X/ \6OG2V6M S-/A S- XQQOSG6U VO6U2KP 7O2V6& 'DFTLBFP FP(% /6XM6T D) .S-K3MT JHTLLL0.NAOP bSE- QXA.6-K& 'FTLB,PD,P JMK .S-K3!M /6XM6 QXA.6-KT 5O6243K # 7b= c'HTF(BaT XU.2-2MKOXK2S- V3XO46M X-U KXC6M 6CKOXP [SKX/ /6XM6 VSMK& 'H)TF)DP(,P ]6M2UIX/ GX/I6& 'HBT(+DP __$QQ/26M KS /6XM6T 52-X-V6T X-U VXM3 QIOV3XM6 KOX-MXVK2S-M S- M6/6VK -6E HLJF F \6O26M .SU6/MP 8556O 2M MIW16VK KS XGX2/XW2/2KA X-U .XA W6 VX-V6//6U SO V3X-46U E2K3SIK -SK2V6P `OOSOM X-U S.2MM2S-M 6CV6QK6UP b6/2G6OA .IMK W6 KX06- WA <X-P FJT HLJFP \KSV0 *& >FL)J+P ^ISK6 *& DT(+DT,+FP b6X/6O )JJFP 3 8 9 10 14 22 25

Richmond News January 30 2013

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