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W E D N E S D A , Y N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 2 0 1 2 Follow us on YOUR SOURCE FOR LOCAL SPORTS , NEWS , W E AT H E R AND E N T E RTA I N M E N T ! WWW .RICHMOND-NEWS.COM Parents tackle cyber bullying $11,000 clean-up A homeowner has had his unsightly property inspected eight times and received three deadline extensions to clean it up or face an $11,000 bill. Workshop aims to give adults knowledge 5 BY ALAN CAMPBELL “If we can make a difference to one kid’s life, then it’ll have been worthwhile.” The benefits, no matter how small, of shining the spotlight on social media bullying is not lost on Byron Stevens. And with a free doubleheader workshop and presentation on the hot topic in December and January, Stevens, Richmond District Parents Association president, is hoping that bright light intensifies by way of arming people with knowledge. The RDPA and the Richmond School District have teamed up to sponsor a two-part series for parents to learn more about the dangers of social media and strategies to keep their children safe. It all kicks off next week, Dec. 5 at MacNeill secondary with “Lets Talk About Your Child & the Realities of Online Media,” presented by renowned speaker on the subject Jesse Miller. “About 300 have signed up already, the gym hall holds about 600 and we’re hoping to pack it out,” said Stevens. “It’s not exclusively for parents; students who express an interest are also very welcome.” Cyber bullying is still very much in the public eye right now, added Stevens, referring to the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Amanda Todd. see Workshops page 5 $ $ $ $ CHUNG CHOW/RICHMOND NEWS Federal Liberal Party leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau paid a visit to Pathways Clubhouse in Richmond, a facility that helps people with mental health issues. There, he referred to the inspiration his mother (Margaret) has been as she has spoken publicly about her bipolar condition. Trudeau lauds Pathways’ power Liberal leader hopeful talked about his mother’s mental health BY ANNE-FLEUR KAMST With people peeking outside the window and cameras ready to shoot, it was almost like royalty had arrived in Richmond. For members and staff of Pathways Clubhouse, it was an exciting afternoon as they welcomed Liberal MP Justin Trudeau for a visit. Trudeau, in a bid for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party, was in town to discuss issues related to mental health. Staff members were invited to partake in the round-table discussion, where Trudeau spent as much time asking questions as he did answering them. He repeatedly stressed the importance and value of empowering those affected by mental illness, referring directly to his mother, Margaret Trudeau, who has long struggled with mental health problems. “All my life, I’ve had people coming up to me and telling me how much my father meant to them,” he said of the late former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. “But for the last four or five years, I’ve heard people talking about how much my mom has done for them.” He was inspired by his mother, who felt no shame about her bipolar condition, nor about the fact she needed help, he recalled. Lauding the work of the Richmond facility, he said nowadays there is not enough recognition or compensation for those taking care of the most vulnerable in society. “Those who work here chose this for the glory and money,” he joked, to which the whole room burst into laughter. Yet, he encouraged staff workers by stating, “we are not defined by what we get, but by what we have to offer.” On a serious note, when told about the challenges mentally ill people face regarding housing, Trudeau assured the group he is committed to forming a national housing strategy for all vulnerable $ $ it. 21 Ravens take flight Richmond Girls Ice Hockey is now home to the top league offered in the province with the Pacific Ravens Midget AAA team now playing out of the Richmond Olympic Oval. 27 Index News Editorial Letters In Other Words Arts Calendar Sports Classified 8171 Westminster Hwy. (at Buswell, one block east of No. 3 Rd.) Walkway access also from Price-Smart Foods parking lot Mon-Sat 8:45-6:30 Sun 10-5 (604) 780-4959 Westminster Hwy. Buswell It's worth =$ Actor/director Chris McGregor wants his cast members to put their own stamp on the Gateway Theatre’s festive season production of Fiddler on the Roof. No. 3 Rd. Beer, Wine, Pop, Juice, Water RICHMOND BOTTLE DEPOT groups, including single mothers, the elderly and new immigrants. He then returned the question by asking whether employment is hard to find for those experiencing mental health problems. It is, according to Una Mulhall, employment program manager at Pathways. “A lot of people don’t understand that people with mental illness want to work, just like everyone else,” she said. However, “they still face a stigma in the community, and I don’t notice it getting any easier.” Fortunately, private partners who do hire people with mental health problems, tend to commit long-term. Trudeau also honed in on the issue of home care. He referred to Quebec, where he has seen many patients taken out of their hospital room and brought back into their home environment. That solution leads to better quality of life, he said, which raises the need for adequate training and financial resources for home care workers. 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Richmond News November 28 2012

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