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W YOUR SOURCE FOR E D LOCAL N E S SPORTS , D A , Y NEWS , N O V W E AT H E R E M AND B E R 2 1 , E N T E RTA I N M E N T 2 0 1 2 ! WWW .RICHMOND-NEWS.COM CHUNG CHOW RICHMOND NEWS Mayor Malcolm Brodie pulls loaves of bread from the cob oven at Terra Nova Rural Park. The park has just received its sixth award, this time from the World Leisure Organization. The tray is held by Sharing Farm’s Karen Dar Woon. See page 4 for the story. Calling for a cull The overpopulation of snow geese this winter has caused Coun. Harold Steves to seek a mass cull, as the geese leave areas muddy and devoid of vegetation. Sour smell of success wafts over city Sheer volume of food scraps causing foul odours BY ALAN CAMPBELL CHUNG CHOW/RICHMOND NEWS The Lower Mainland’s successful food waste recycling program is causing the city’s stench. $ $ $ $ It seems like, for the time being at least, Richmond is paying the price for the success of the entire Lower Mainland’s food waste recycling programs. Such is the volume of food scraps and organic waste pouring into the composting facility in East Richmond, near No. 7 and Blundell roads, that foul fermenting stenches have drifted over large parts of the city for several months. Metro Vancouver has been fielding wafts of complaints from ticked-off Richmondites, wondering where the smell is coming from, what it is and if it’s going to go away. The regional body, which is responsible for air quality, confirmed on Tuesday that the majority of the complaints have been traced back to the Richmond facility, which is run by Fraser Richmond Soil and Fibre and owned by Harvest Power. And such is the potency of the stench, Metro Vancouver may take a second look at what people are allowed to put in their organic waste bins for collection. Harvest Power also confirmed to the News that part of the problem has been the unexpected volume of food waste arriving at the plant from new or recent door-to-door collection programs across the region. $ $ it. Veteran child musician Charlotte Diamond will perform at Lansdowne Centre this weekend, and will be accompanied on stage by her son, Matthew. 12 A leap to the top The impressive depth of Connaught’s competitive program helped the Richmond skating club take home the top team award for the first time since 2003 at the B.C./Yukon Sectional Championships. 23 Index News Editorial Letters Healthwise Around Town Sports Classified 8171 Westminster Hwy. (at Buswell, one block east of No. 3 Rd.) Walkway access also from Price-Smart Foods parking lot Mon-Sat 8:45-6:30 Sun 10-5 (604) 780-4959 Westminster Hwy. Buswell It's worth =$ Diamond shines No. 3 Rd. Beer, Wine, Pop, Juice, Water RICHMOND BOTTLE DEPOT However, staff from Metro Vancouver have been working for several weeks with their counterparts at the facility to come up with a plan to keep the stench to a minimum. “The volume (of food waste) increased more quickly than expected,” read a statement from Oregon-based Harvest Power. “We are proud of the community’s commitment to recycling. We are working diligently to meet the needs of the community.” Harvest Power has also released a dedicated hotline for residential complaints about odours and other matters — 604836-8387. Metro Vancouver’s environment enforcement manager, Ray Robb, told the News it’s now working closely with the facility to reduce the frequency and strength of the odour. “As the volume (of food scraps) have gone up, the odours have become more extensive across wider areas,” said Robb. “We’re working with the company right now, looking at containing the odour better, which is a fermenting smell that seems to travel across longer distances.” Robb said the bio-filters in the processing plant “could be doing a better job” and that enclosing parts of the screening process would go a long way to dealing with the odours. see Metro Vancouver page 4 3 3 8 9 10 20 23 25

Richmond News November 21 2012

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