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Sizzling Section Samplers Why Frequency in Advertising Works The power of repetition reinforces the advertiser’s message • A common mistake in advertising is to stop a campaign before it’s had a chance to work. An advertising campaign is a planned appeal to the client’s potential customers, using the power of repetition. Vancouver’s Favourite Newspaper Since 1908 • A  dvertising is like dating. One encounter does not make a relationship. You have to invest time to reap any benefit. We all know that you have to see an ad a few times before you recognize the company and what it’s advertising. 2012 • A  dvertisers who run individual ads miss the opportunity to have all of their ads work together in a sustained campaign to win ever-lasting customers. • N  ew advertisers often have unrealistic expectations for advertising. They expect to run one or two ads, and double their business. Advertising is an investment which must be well planned and consistent. Seniors • Consistency, plus frequency, equals payoff for your business! NOVEMBER 2011 SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE MONTAGES ‘N MEMORIES To reserve your space, or for more information, please call SCRAPBOOKING YOUR FAMILY HISTORY 604-738-1412 BY KIMBERLY POWELL T he perfect place to showcase and protect your precious family photos, heirlooms, and memories, a heritage scrapbook album is wonderful way to document your family’s history and create a lasting gift for future generations. While it may seem a daunting task when faced with boxes of dusty old photos, scrapbooking is actually both fun and more easy than you might think! Gather Your Memories At the heart of most heritage scrapbooks are the photos - pictures of your grandparent’s wedding, your great-grandfather at work in the fields, a family Christmas celebration... Begin your heritage scrapbook project by gathering together as many photographs as possible, from boxes, attics, old albums and from relatives. STYLEreport Family mementos such as birth and marriage certificates, report cards, old letters, family recipes, clothing items, and a lock of hair can also add interest to a family history scrapbook. Smaller items can be incorporated into a heritage scrapbook by placing them in clear, self-adhesive, acid-free memorabilia pockets. Larger heirlooms, such as a pocket watch, wedding dress or family quilt, can also be included by photocopying or scanning them and using the copies in your heritage album. Get Organized As you begin to accumulate photos and materials, work to organize and protect them by sorting them in archival safe photo files and boxes. Use labeled file dividers to help you divide the photos into groups - by person, family, timeperiod, life-stages, or other theme. This will help make it easy to find a specific item as you work, while also protecting the items that don’t make it into the scrapbook. These photos don’t necessarily need to have people in them - pictures of old houses, automobiles, and towns are great for adding historical interest to a TAKING A GROUP COOKING CLASS IS A family history scrapbook. MOUTH-WATERING LEARNING EXPERIENCE. COOKING WITH CLASS PHOTO: THINKSTOCK Assemble Your Supplies Since the purpose of compiling a heritage scrapbook is to preserve family memories, it is important to start with supplies that will protect your precious photographs and memorabilia. Basic scrapbooking begins with just four items - an album, adhesive, scissors and a journaling pen. Scrapbook Album Choose a photo album that contains acid-free pages, or purchase acid-free, PVC-free sheet protectors and slip them into a three-ring binder. The size of your scrapbook is a matter of personal preferSPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE ence (most scrapbooks are either 8 1/2” x 11” or 12” x 12.”), but consider the availability and cost of supplies, as well as how many pictures you want to fit on AUGUST 2011 IT CAN ALSO BE A LOT OF FUN! PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE. Having grown up on tuna casseroles (an undesirable concoction consisting of overcooked elbow macaroni, diced celery and onion, canned tuna packed in oil, shredded cheddar, crushed saltines on top; oh, and salt and pepper), I soon learned that cooking, and presenting, beautiful mouth-watering food was something worth striving for. If making appies, meals and tasty baked goods that impress family and friends is your desire, community centres and the Vancouver School Board offer workshops. Or sign up with a friend for one of these, and proceed to cook like a Michelin-trained chef (or at least act like one!). The COOKSHOP at City Square offers a Fundamentals of Cooking package. Participation in Level One is $129; you can also get the six-class package with 18 hours of instruction ($449). Running Friday nights from Sept. 9 through Oct. 14, from 6 to 9pm, you’ll gain a good grasp of the basics of cooking techniques. French-born and trained chef Eric Arrouze will lead you into the classics. The classes will cover knife skills, vegetable cuts, sauces, stocks, meats, vegetables, seafood, desserts and more in these full hands-on workshops. Gain a COOKSHOP certificate upon completion of the series! Go to for the full calendar. The Dirty Apron Cooking School hosts probably the most comprehensive array of cooking classes in the city. Here’s a sample: Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar - Tasting & Appreciation from 1 to 3:30pm on Sept. 18. This interactive session with master chocolatiers Dominique and Cindy Duby lets you experience creativity first-hand (with chocolate-y fingers). Wild Sweets vintage chocolate is produced in true artisan fashion by blending time-honoured techniques and modern science. If you like wine tastings and love chocolate, this session is your dream come true. Online price is $85 per person. Located at 540 Beatty Street, Crosstown. Call 604-879-8588; Cook! and the City is a fun-loving group of foodies who gather along with the Chef Instructors at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA) for an exciting series of classes. Cooking and/or baking techniques and recipes will be demonstrated and in some classes a country’s wine, beer or spirit beverage will be an optional addition. Enjoy great company with fellow foodies while you savour a great culinary experience. Sessions coming up include Knife Skills 101 (fee $75) on Sept. 17; An Evening in Provence ($95) on Sept. 23; Stocks & Sauces 101 ($95) on Sept. 24. PICA is at entrance to Granville Island - 101-11505 West 2nd Ave.; Tel: 604734-4488 or look up Yummy classes are cropping up this fall at Quince. Sign up for the monthly email newsletter list by emailing them to hear about upcoming studio classes, new express products, recipes and more! Visit the Quince Shop at 1780 West 3rd Ave.; email: or call 604-731-4645 for more details. Feel free to visit our website: MEMORY LANE SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE AUGUST 2011 LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL? CHECK OUT THESE LOCAL EVENTS: Thursdays, Oct. 6-Nov. 9, 1-3pm, $25/ six sessions Nov. 13 – 21st Century Flea Market at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Dr. at 16th. Featuring 175 vendors, shabby chic to 50’s kitsch, collectibles & memorabilia to vintage kitchenalia. Admission 10am-3pm: $4, early-birds 8am-10am: $20, free parking, snack bar. Dec. 4 – Retro Design & Antiques Fair at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Dr. at 16th Ave. Featuring about 175 vendors, admission 10am3pm: $4, early-birds 8am-10am: $20, free parking, snack bar. FALL COURSES OFFER TASTY OPTIONS by Helen Peterson each page, when you make your choice. Scrapbook albums come in a variety of styles, with post bound, expandable spine and three-ring albums being the most popular. GET FLOORED: FALL PROJECTS THAT LOOK GREAT UNDERFOOT how to redo your floors, to go out with the old… and in with new! For info. on either event, call 21st Century Promotions at 604-980-3159 or visit flea_market/index.html. Wood floors are the darlings of today’s new houses (and condos, too). They’re available in many styles and, no matter the style of wood floor you’re looking for, you’re likely to find a version that’s prefinished. has these words of wisdom for today’s savvy flooring buyer: BAKING TAKES SPECIAL TALENTS. A COOKING SCHOOL CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO RISE TO THE OCCASION. PHOTO: THINKSTOCK. compiled by Helen Peterson photos courtesy NewsCanada AT LOUIS GERVAIS, CUCUMBER-WRAPPED TREASURES ARE JUST THE STARTER. PHOTO COURTESY: LOUIS GERVAIS. EXTRA CREDITS Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering cooking classes are hosted in their North Vancouver Bistro and are designed to create and present a three-course meal. Class menus are focused on popular regional cuisines and classes are approximately three hours in length, ending with participants sitting down to enjoy a glass of wine, and the fruits of their labour. September classes include: “100 Mile Dining” on Sept. 14, 6 to 9pm featuring local cheeses, sausage and seafood recipes ($85). “Rustic Italian” serves up old country goodness on Sept. 28, 6 to 9pm ($85). Call 604-904-7720 or email: As autumn approaches, it’s worth making a visit to your local supply store – Home Depot, Rona or any of the specialty retailers. Friendly staff will advise you on Hardwood flooring Wood strips are available in a wide variety. Among the most popular: maple, yellow birch, white ash and, of course, oak. Whatever your preference, you can select it in widths ranging from 1 1/2 in. to 3 1/2 in. Note that narrower strips are more stable when subjected to humidity variations. Generally, wood floors are installed in bedrooms, family/living room, office, dining room and hallways. They never go out of style, they’re warm and they can adapt to any style of décor. They can also be stained in order to produce different effects. They’re very resistant and require little maintenance. However, you’ll need to take the family away for a few days during sanding and the application of the protective varnish. It’s therefore important to choose a quality product that won’t yellow and will withstand shocks and scratching well. You can also buy pre-varnished wood strips that are easy to install. Parquet flooring Each parquet tile is made of small strips of wood attached to a backing. Parquet is resistant, easy to install and requires little maintenance. It can be installed everywhere except in the kitchen and bathroom, as is the case with most wood floors that don’t adapt well to water and humidity. Some manufacturers sell pre-glued parquet tiles that are very easy to install. Finally, staining parquet can produce charming effects. Laminated flooring Relatively new on the market, the laminated floor is made of particle board panels covered with a 1/8th in. thick wood veneer. It’s gaining in popularity, as it bears an uncanny resemblance to conventional hardwood floors. Laminated floorboards measure 54 3/8 in. by 7 11/16 in. The thickness is only 5/16 in., which makes them easy to install over existing floors. A laminated floor works well on concrete and is very stable. It doesn’t require the building of a subfloor, unless there is a drain that you wish to conserve. Some manufacturers even make strips that are fitted with an acoustic membrane, which eliminates one phase of the installation process. Floating floors are available in various finishes such as beech, ash, mahogany, wild cherry, maple, natural oak, moss green and polar white oak. So get started on your interior reno project now! The next is Wednesday, Sept. 28 We’ll preview the Fall Home & Interior Design Show. Read all about it. Promotional Calendar and Planner

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