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live Lace Up for KIds Page 13 Sunday, November 18, 2012 travel Whistler for parents Page 33 52 pages your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! sport Collingwood regains B.C. crown Page 40 Voted Canada’s Best Community Newspaper Schools could alter calendars New legislation makes holiday changes possible; school districts to consult James Weldon IN the wake of the province’s decision to surrender control of the school calendar, the North and West Vancouver school districts are rushing to draw up a list of options that could have significant implications for teachers and families across the community. The B.C. Ministry of Education announced the regulatory change Nov. 9, saying it was handing control of the calendar to school districts and giving them until the spring to come up with a plan for the 2013-2014 school year. The ministry will still set the minimum number of instructional hours, but how those hours are distributed throughout the year — and how vacations will fit into that schedule — will be determined at the district level. The move followed the passage of Bill 36 earlier in 2012, which eliminated the standard school year. The change leaves North and West Vancouver with just a few months to decide what to do with their new-found freedom. “In a sense, the strength of the standard school calendar was that it See Radical page 5 NVSD blames funding cuts in wake of judgment Jane Seyd THE North Vancouver school district has blamed provincial funding cuts for a decision to close a specialized literacy program for learning disabled students in the 1990s. But the district continues to insist it did what it could to help Jeff Moore, a North Vancouver student whose family won a landmark Supreme Court of Canada ruling last week. In a decision Nov. 9, Canada’s highest court agreed with Jeff’s father, Rick Moore, that by cutting services to his dyslexic son and failing to provide alternatives, the school district discriminated against Jeff by making it impossible for him to receive the education guaranteed to all children in British Columbia. See NVSD page 5 Hot dogs NEWS photo Paul McGrath DOGWAY Dog Rescue Society’s Jennie Callan (left) with Lady and Cherry Latour with Martha Stewart and Gremlin at The End of the Line General Store in Lynn Valley Nov. 10 during an adoption day for dogs in their care. For more information on the dogs go to Starting Sunday, Nov 18th @ 8am | 24 Week Program - $150 Register in-store or online at:

North Shore News November 18 2012

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