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pulse look Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole Page 13 Friday, February 22, 2013 Handbags bound for Hollywood Page 27 West Van: 144 pages North Van: 124 pages your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! rev Accord still a great deal Page 41 Voted Canada’s Best Community Newspaper Budget margin too slim to work: Schreck Former NDP MLA questions quick sale of assets in soft real estate market Jane Seyd ONE North Shore critic says any party that forms government after the May 14 provincial election will have to bring in a deficit budget about half a billion dollars in the red — if they’re using realistic numbers. “When you get to a real budget after the election, that’s the minimum I would expect any government’s looking at,” said political commentator and former North Vancouver NDP MLA David Schreck. Schreck said the $44-billion budget presented Tuesday has incredibly slim margins, with a buffer of less than half a percent — half to one third of previous years. “It takes very little fluctuation for it to be out of balance,” he said. Schreck also questioned using significant asset sales to balance the budget. “If you were a real estate speculator, you might not rush to dispose of those assets in today’s soft (real estate) market,” he said. Schreck added the 1.5 per cent increase in spending is the lowest estimate in the past decade and is unrealistic given the pressures on health care and education. “Either they are going to have to make some real cuts or it’s a phony budget,” he said. Kath-Ann Terrett, the union representative for registered nurses on the North See Nurses page 3 Assessment of boarded-up school building climbs $1.2M Jeremy Shepherd DESPITE closing its doors two years ago, the assessed value of Plymouth elementary has increased by $1.18 million since 2011. The increase, which has pushed the value of the school to $9.99 million, is due primarily to a $742,000 hike in the value of the building, despite no improvements being made. “As far as we’re aware there have been no changes or improvements made to the property in the last two years,” said Victoria Miles, communications manager for the North Vancouver school district. While the school may be two years older, it’s not unusual for assessed value to increase despite physical degradation of the building. “It might be more expensive to build this year. Even though it’s a year older and See Replacement page 3 Lion king NEWS Photo Paul McGrath MEMBERS of the Shao Lin Hung Gar Lion Dance Team perform at Park Royal South Saturday as the start of the Year of the Snake was celebrated with a number of presentations showcasing Chinese, Korean, and Filipino dance, music and cuisine. MP John Weston organized the celebration with the help of many volunteers. MR. PET’S EVERYTHING FOR YOUR PET Check out our HUGE selection of food and accessories for do's% cats% s!all ani!als% "irds% re&tiles% and $sh# 201 Bewicke Ave 778-340-1102 MR. PET’S

North Shore News February 22 2013

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