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Thursday, February 12, 2013 The Flames’ ship sunk to the Aldergrove Kodiaks. Page A13 • LOCAL NEWS, SPORTS, AND ENTERTAINMENT • • 604-463-2281 • 20 PAGES Courts Girl’s life ‘ruined’ A teen’s life changed for the worse after a man posted photos of her on Facebook. by Jennifer Saltman Troy Landreville/TIMES Ian Nesbitt is getting a head start on a career in construction. Three-year-old Ian brought his tools along with him on Thursday, Jan. 31 as he visited a job site at the corner of 223rd Street and 117th Avenue in Haney. A structure is being built at the site where two homes were destroyed by fire in late August. Ian’s grandpa Russ Franklin is the contractor for the project. Development Haney reborn as heart of Ridge Town core incentive could be modelled in other parts of Maple Ridge. by Maria Rantanen Maple Ridge is lucky to have a downtown area, something that not all surrounding communities can brag about, according to the mayor. When looking at neighbouring municipalities, Maple Ridge Mayor wondered “where is downtown Coquitlam,” or Ask us How to Get up to 10,000 $ BACK CASH O.A.C. CALL 604.465.8931 where is the centre of a goal to bring 20,000 to View Langley. 22,000 residents into the interactive “Surrey is trying town centre. to recreate what we But, while it’s good map with already have,” he said to have a goal, “someabout the downtown times it needs that little core, known historicnudge,” Daykin said. ally as Haney. The “front-end” One key to recent incentive program for development, howdevelopers to invest ever, has been the Town Core money into Maple Ridge has Incentive Program, which is now given that nudge to revitalize the in its third year, and is credited core. by the municipality as bringing in And while Daykin said there’s $77 million building permits and no one “magic silver bullet” that 1,100 residential units. will revitalize the area, “it all A Smart Growth on the Ground helps.” document from 2003/04 had as “It’s cool to see... lots of activ- PAY OFF HIGH INTEREST CREDIT CARD DEBT ity, lots of things going on that weren’t happening five years ago,” Daykin said. Over the years as the malls at 203rd and 207th streets developed, it dragged some of business away from the downtown, Daykin pointed out, as people looked for new shopping experiences, to the detriment of the downtown stores. The incentive program continues throughout 2013, and Daykin called it a “huge success,” adding that he thinks it could be used as a model for revitalizing the Albion industrial area or west Maple Ridge. Online, all the time... Feed Your Green Cart • More at Stop chasing receivables. when you buy your next car from A 21-year-old Maple Ridge man read an apology letter to his victim during his sentencing hearing in Port Coquitlam provincial court last week. “I did not realize the power (social media) held until it was used irresponsibly... Just a few clicks and it changed your life and how the world viewed the person that you are,” Warrington said about posting photos to Facebook of her engaged in sex acts at a party in Pitt Meadows two years ago. He called his actions “thoughtless and supremely immature” and said he will always regret what he did. In the early morning hours of Sept. 11, 2010, a 16-year-old boy took eight photos and a video of two people engaged in sex acts at an outdoor rave in Pitt Meadows. The complainant said the sex acts were not consensual. “Your actions actually ruined my life,” the 18year-old woman told Warrington in court, sobbing. “Dennis, you destroyed the person that I used to be.” Warrington was initially charged with publishing and distributing child pornography. However, in December he pleaded guilty to distributing obscene matter. The judge is scheduled to deliver her sentencing decision March 4. Fees for yard waste at Meadows Landscape begin Mar 1 Feed your green cart instead!

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times February 12 2013

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