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Thursday, November 15, 2012 Rachelle Armbrust wrote a story about her brother Zachary who loves to cook! Page A6 • LOCAL NEWS, SPORTS, WEATHER AND ENTERTAINMENT • • 604-463-2281 • 40 PAGES CEED Centre Haney man upset by neighbour Tyler Ducharme posed 19 questions to council about a nonprofit next to his home. Adam Frisch and Darlene Dorchak have collected resources on a website and raise money for women’s shelters. by Maria Rantanen Maria Rantanen TIMES Five-year anniversary Family keeps sister’s memory alive Karen Beck’s siblings continue to raise awareness about domestic violence and resources available. by Maria Rantanen The day after Karen Beck was murdered in Maple Ridge by her husband, her family committed to never give up the fight against domestic violence. Five years later, they continue through an organization called Never Give Up to raise money, collect resources, and reach out to people who they think might be in trouble. And they continue to give their support to Cythera Transition House Society, where Karen Beck fled to. “Karen is in our thoughts all the time,” said her brother Adam Frisch, who came with his sister Darlene Dorchak to Maple Ridge on Friday to talk about their sister and how they are trying to honour her memory. Over the past five years, the brother and sister have told their sister’s story wherever possible, and their mandate has evolved into “never miss an opportunity” – which might mean handing a card to strangers in Starbucks who sound like they’re having relationship problems. “When you see an opportunity, you have to step up,” Dorchak said. Karen made a commitment when she got married, a commitment to her marriage and to God, Dorchak said, and when she eventually left her husband, it was “traumatic” for her. “That equated to failure on her part,” Frisch said. Karen’s husband was the “love of her life,” Dorchak said, and she was very strong to turn against that. That feeling of failure is a really common for women leaving marriages, said Cythera program director Heather Halliday, because when they marry it is a life-long commitment, often solidified by faith, belief, and culture. But that feeling of failure is also tied in with emotional abuse that they have suffered. “Really, it’s not their failure,” she said. Today (Nov. 15) marks five years since Karen was murdered by her husband who then committed suicide. “It’s unfortunate there are so many people who can say they’ve walked in those shoes,” Dorchak said. continued on page A11... Animosity between the CEED Centre in Haney and its immediate neighbours spilled into council chambers on Ernie Daykin Tuesday. Maple Ridge Mayor Tyler Ducharme, who lives next door to the CEED Centre, raised 19 questions about the non-profit at the council meeting, promising to email them to council before leaving the meeting. He asked about the District’s policy on squatting on District property, and housing people with communicable disease such as staph. He also wanted a definition of a drop-in centre, and wondered if someone is always at the CEED Centre during posted hours. Ducharme also asked about supervision of people staying on CEED Centre property, about uninsured vehicles, and whether it’s the centre’s responsibility to make sure people aren’t staying on the property. “The issue is clear, [it’s] the safety of my family,” he told The TIMES. Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin said he hasn’t had any complaints “in general” about the CEED Centre, and that any organization that engages volunteers and gets people involved in the community is a positive thing. But he said Ducharme seemed to have a “level of frustration.” “I guess he’s trying to prove a point,” Daykin said. Staff will endeavour to answer Ducharme’s questions, Daykin said. The CEED Centre’s executive director Christian Cowley said tents that have been set up have been off the CEED Centre property, and the centre has given the RCMP permission to remove anyone trespassing on the property. Don’t miss important information about City of Pitt Meadows on page A13 and A17 Online, all the time... Great Savings see pages 14 & 15 Find out how you can! Stuck in a ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL e k without a dollar out of li ’d u o lease y your pocket down! (oac) to get out of? CALL 604.465.8931

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times November 15 2012

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