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Partners in Learning! 604.792.1321 MORNING BUS ROUTES BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 School District No. 33 Chilliwack Transportation Department 604-792-1255 • (Transportation Policy) MORNING SCHOOL BUS SCHEDULE Bus routes shown below are listed alphabetically by area and the route followed. Timings are given for arrival at intersections and schools. The actual bus stops are NOT shown however in most cases are the same as last year. BUS STOPS Students are to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus. School District Policy is that students may have to walk up to a kilometer to and from a bus stop. Check out our safety brochures on the School District web site. BUS ROUTES Bus routes are set up to serve catchment area schools. Some routes have been set up to serve schools with special programs such as CSS to SSS for French Immersion, English Language Learners, Resource Programs, Early Intervention Programs; Board Directed referrals and alternate education programs. BUSING FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Routes are not listed. Call Transportation at 604-792-1255 for information REGISTRATION Parents must apply on-line at and if eligibility requirements are met will be approved for bussing. CHILLIWACK TRANSIT SYSTEM City Transit has set up bus routes to serve schools in the no rider zones of Chilliwack and Sardis and the Promontory area for VMS & SSS. Bus passes are available at all Middle and Secondary Schools at a cost of $23.80 / month with unlimited use. For further information on Chilliwack Transit call 604-795-3838 or www. BUS PASSES All middle and secondary student riders must carry a bus pass and present it to the bus driver to ride the bus. Bus passes will be available at the students school of attendance the last week of August before school starts. Students new to the District are to contact the Transportation Department to ensure a new bus pass will be issued. Lost or stolen cards are to be reported to the school office. A fee will be a charged for replacement cards. Remember - No pass, No ride. BUS 02 AREA: CHILLIWACK LAKE RD AREA TO: SSS, MSMS transfers required for Cultus Lake Elem. Via Chilliwack Lake Rd Leave Depot 6:45 Chilliwack Lake Rd / Slesse Rd 7:25 Chilliwack Lake Rd / Bourne Rd 7:27 Chilliwack Lake Rd / Auchenway Rd 7:29 Chilliwack Lake Rd / Lyardon Rd 7:36 Chilliwack Lake Rd / Hood Rd 7:36 Chilliwack Lake Rd / Baker Trail (East Entrance) 7:37 Bridalwood Trail Parking Lot (Cultus Lake Elem to Bus 43) 7:40 SSS 7:50 MSMS 7:55 BUS 05 AREA: CHILLIWACK LAKE RD, EDWARDS RD TO: Cultus Lake Elem - transfer required Via Chilliwack Lake Rd, Edwards Rd Leave Depot Edwards Rd / Chilliwack Lake Rd Edwards Rd / Hirschman Dr Edwards Rd / Estate Dr Chilliwack Lake Rd / Wilson Rd Bridalwood Trail Parking Lot (Cultus Lake Elem to Bus 43, SSS to Bus 02) Vedder Elem 7:36 7:46 AREA: CHILLIWACK LAKE RD & SLESSE PARK AREA TO: Cultus Lake Elem, transfer required for MSMS, SSS, STO:LO ViaO’Byrne Rd, Bell Acres Rd, Riverbend Dr, Chilliwack Lake Rd. Leave Depot 6:45 Slesse Rd / O Byrne Rd 7:13 Winona Rd / Branch Rd 7:16 Slesse Rd / O Byrne Rd 7:22 Bell Acres Rd / Chilliwack Lake Rd 7:26 Riverbend Dr / Gordelle Pl 7:28 Sheldon Rd / Chilliwack Lake Rd 7:30 Bridalwood Trail Parking lot (MSMS Students to Bus 05 SSS to Bus 02 7:40 Vedder Mt Rd / Cultus Lake Rd 7:46 Cultus Lake Elem 7:56 Vedder Rd / South Sumas Rd 8:00 SSS 8:15 STO:LO 8:25 BUS 19 BUS 03 AREA:COLUMBIA VALLEY, CULTUS LAKE To Cultus Lake Elem, MSMS, SSS and Sardis Elem Via Frost Rd, Columbia Valley Rd. Leave Depot 6:30 Top of Frost Rd 7:15 Frost Rd / Watt Rd 7:23 Columbia Valley Rd / Lindell Rd 7:30 Top of Sleepy Hollow Trailer Park 7:39 Cultus Lake Elem / Leave 7:50 7:43 MSMS (Leave 8:05) 8:01 SSS (Leave 8:16) 8:13 Sardis Elem 8:24 AREA:COLUMBIA VALLEY, CULTUS LAKE TO: CULTUS ELEM, VEDDER ELEM Via Henderson Rd, Iverson Rd, Center Rd, Kossikar Rd,Columbia Valley Rd, Vedder Rd Leave Depot 6:30 Henderson Rd / Center Rd 7:05 Iverson Rd / Center Rd 7:10 Center Rd / Henderson Rd 7:14 Maple Falls Rd / Canyon Rd 7:18 Kossikar Rd / Erho Rd 7:22 Columbia Valley Rd / Rachael Pl 7:36 Cultus Lake Elem – leave 7:45 (Transfer SSS & MSMS to 03) 7:40 Cultus Lake Rd / Vedder Mountain Rd 7:50 Vedder Rd / Alma Ave (Just my Style Store) ELEM Students only 7:52 Vedder Elementary 7:57 BUS 40 AREA:CULTUS LAKE AREA, SOOWAHLIE RESERVE TO: Cultus Lake Elem, Via Vedder Rd, Columbia Valley Rd, Leavens Rd, Soowhalie Rd, Sweltzer Creek Rd. Leave Depot 7:00 Cultus Lake Rd / Vedder Mountain Rd 7:18 Sleepy Hollow Rd / Vance Rd 7:23 Leavens Rd / Soowahlie Rd 7:26 Sweltzer Creek Rd / Cherry Lane 7:28 Soowhalie Rd / Second Ave 7:35 Cultus Lake Elem (MSMS & SSS transfer to Bus 03) 7:40 BUS 04 7:55 8:01 8:04 8:09 8:12 8:20 BUS 27 AREA: CHILLIWACK RIVER ROAD To: VMS, SSS Via Chilliwack River Rd Leave MSMS Chilliwack River Rd / White Raven Rd Chilliwack River Rd / Bailey Rd Chilliwack River Rd / McGuire Rd Chilliwack River Rd / Ranchero Dr 8:10 8:19 8:25 BUS 30 7:00 7:24 7:25 7:27 7:30 BUS 43 AREA: CHILLIWACK RIVER ROAD To: Sardis Elem Via Chwk River Rd. Leave MSMS Promontory Rd / Chilliwack River Rd Chilliwack River Rd / McGuire Rd Chilliwack River Rd / Ranchero Dr 7686 Chilliwack River Rd (Band Hall) Turn around Sardis Elem Chilliwack River Rd / Velma Rd VMS SSS 7:47 7:54 7:56 7:58 8:02 AREA: EAST CHILLIWACK, MARBLE HILL TO: East Chilliwack Elem, CSS, SSS, VMS Via Patterson Rd, Marble Hill Rd, Prairie Central Rd, Prest Rd, Chilliwack Central Rd, Yale Rd. Leave Depot 6:45 Top of Marble Hill Rd 7:09 Marble Hill Rd / Ramsey Pl 7:11 Marble Hill Rd / Dickinson Rd 7:19 FVDE (transfers for bus 33 for RMS) 7:24 Prairie Central Rd / Banford Rd 7:28 Prairie Central Rd / Chilliwack River Rd 7:36 Prest Rd / Chilliwack Central Rd 7:40 East Chilliwack Elem 7:44 Chilliwack Central Rd / Banford Rd 7:50 Chilliwack Central Rd / Prest Rd 7:52 Highroad Academy 7:54 CSS 7:58 Yale Rd / Hodgins Ave (KFC) Yale Rd / Airport Rd (bus stop) SSS VMS 8:06 8:07 8:20 8:25 East Chilliwack Elem Chilliwack Central Rd / Charles St Brooks Ave / Elm St CSS 7:47 7:56 8:00 8:12 BUS 07 BUS 16 AREA: CHILLIWACK MOUNTAIN, SKWAY RES, JIMMIE RESERVE To McCammon Elem, Bernard Elem, CSS, ADRMS Via Old Orchard Rd, Grandview Dr, Sunrise Dr, Yale Rd West, Schweyey Rd Ashwell Rd, Jimmie Rd. Leave Depot 6:40 Yale Rd / Old Orchard Rd 6:47 Old Orchard Rd / Shrewsbury Dr 6:53 Top of Grandview Dr 7:02 Grandview Dr / Chilliwack Mountain Rd 7:11 Chilliwack Mountain Rd / Riverbend Dr 7:13 Sunrise Dr / Summit Pl 7:16 Yale Rd / Atchelitz Rd 7:25 Yale Rd / Aiken Rd 7:27 Lickman Rd / Park and Ride gravel Area(Transfers to Sardis Area 7:28 Chilliwack Mountain Rd / Schweyey Rd 7:32 Skway Rd / Wellington Ave 7:38 McCammon Elem 7:45 Ashwell Rd / Jimmie Rd (Band Office) 7:53 CSS 8:07 ADRMS 8:18 AREA: ROSEDALE, POPKUM, BRIDAL FALLS, CAMP RIVER RD, TO: Rosedale Elem, Cheam Elem, CSS, ADRMS, SSS Via Bridal Falls Rd, Popkum Rd, Yale Rd, Caryks Rd, Bunker Rd, Camp River Rd, Reeves Rd. Leave Depot 6:35 Bridal Falls Rd / Grey Rd South 6:55 Bridal Falls Rd / S. Popkum Rd 6:57 Popkum Rd / McGregor Rd 7:08 Popkum Rd / Berston Rd 7:10 Woodrose / Parkrose 7:16 Grey Rd / Mailboxes 7:18 Popkum Market 7:22 Yale Rd / Caryks Rd 7:26 42324 Yale Rd (Gordania Estates) 7:24 RTCS 7:33 Camp River Rd / Willbourne Rd 7:37 Camp River Rd / Edmonson Rd 7:38 Camp River Rd / Jesperson Rd 7:44 Reeves Rd / Yale Rd 7:48 Cheam Elem 7:50 CSS (transfer ADRMS students to bus 07) 7:57 Hocking Ave / Young St 8:07 SSS 8:18 BUS 08 AREA: EAST CHILLIWACK SOUTH OF FREEWAY TO: East Chilliwack Elem, RMS, Cheam Elem, CSS, Via Prairie Central Rd, Prest Rd, Bailey Rd, Banford Rd, McGuire Rd, Gibson Rd, Prairie Central Rd, Prest Rd, Chilliwack Central Rd, Upper Prairie Rd, Nevin Rd, Ford Rd, Gibson Rd, Yale Rd. Leave Depot 6:50 Prairie Central Rd / Chilliwack River Rd 7:03 Prairie Central Rd / Prest Rd 7:07 Prest Rd / Bailey Rd 7:10 Banford Rd / McGuire Rd 7:16 Gibson Rd / Prairie Central Rd 7:21 Prest Rd / Freeway 7:26 Prest Rd / Chilliwack Central Rd 7:27 East Chilliwack Elem (pick-up only) 7:34 Upper Prairie Rd / Campbell Rd 7:40 RTCS 7:43 Ford Rd / Chilliwack Central Rd 7:48 Chilliwack Central Rd / Upper Prairie Rd 7:58 East Chilliwack Elem 8:00 Gibson Rd / Yale Rd 8:05 Cheam Elem 8:10 CSS 8:17 BUS 10 AREA: EAST CHILLIWACK, MARBLE HILL To East Chwk Elem, CSS Via Ridgeview St, Pr Central Rd, Gibson Rd McGuire Rd, Prest Rd, Chilliwack Central Rd Leave Depot Base of Hinkley Rd (turn around) Ridgeview St / Ridgeview Pl FVDE (transfers for bus 33 for RMS) Prairie Central Rd / Gibson Rd Gibson Rd / McGuire Rd McGuire Rd / Prest Rd Prest Rd / Chilliwack Central Rd 6:55 7:14 7:18 7:23 7:26 7:28 7:35 7:43 BUS 24 AREA: YALE RD EAST AREA TO: RMS Via Prest Rd,Yale Rd, Mountain Park Dr, Swallow Cres Leave Depot 6:53 First Ave / Prest Rd 7:00 Prest Rd / Yale Rd 7:02 Mountain Park Dr. / Swallow Cres 7:09 Kenswood Dr / Imperial Dr 7:11 Yale Rd / Kenswood Dr 7:13 Banford Rd / RR Crossing (Turn around) 7:15 Yale Rd / Gibson Rd 7:20 Yale Rd / Upper Prairie Rd 7:23 Yale Rd / Pelly Rd 7:25 RTCS 7:28 BUS 24 AREA: CAMP RIVER RD, HOPE RIVER RD AREA TO: CSS & STO:LO Via Yale Rd,Reeves Rd,Camp River Rd, McSween Rd Hope River Rd,Yale Rd Leave RTCS 7:29 Yale Rd / Upper Prairie Rd 7:36 Reeves Rd / Yale Rd 7:39 Reeves Rd / Camp River Rd 7:40 Camp River Rd / Hope River Rd 7:42 McSween Rd / Hope River Rd 7:45 Fairfield Rd / McSween Rd 7:46 Bell Rd / Brice Rd 7:48 McDonald Rd / Brinx Rd 7:53 Young Rd / Tower Rd 7:58 Strathcona Elem 8:00 CSS 8:05 Yale Rd / Young St (Court House) 8:07 KFC on Yale 8:09 Yale Rd / Hocking Ave 8:11 STO:LO 8:29

School District No. 33 Bus Schedules

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