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Serving Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore and Belcarra since 1984 FRIDAY February 15, 2013 11 A PoCo boy is one of many kids to benefit from Variety — The Children’s Charity, which hosts its telethon this weekend in Coquitlam READ BETWEEN THE LINES Your source for local news, sports, opinion and entertainment: Review hearing today Jeremy Deutsch Lisa King/NOW Valentine’s Day is a little sweeter this year for Bob and Laurie Landy, after Laurie kept Bob alive by performing CPR when his heart stopped. Wife saves husband’s life with CPR When Bob and Laurie Landy go out this weekend for their belated Valentine’s Day dinner, they’ll have something extra special to celebrate. The Port Moody couple won’t just be acknowledging their love of 30 years, but also the fact the two are still on the Earth together — thanks to Laurie’s calm lifesaving actions. It was just two months ago on Dec. 2, when Bob was working away in his home office. Laurie said she heard a strange noise and went to check on her husband. “I could tell something was wrong,” Laurie recalled. JAPANESE DINING HOUSE WINTER PROMOTION 20% OFF ALL DRINKS 3055 ANSON AVE. COQUITLAM TEL 604.474.1054 TEL & FAX 604.474.1632 SEE OUR MENU & DISHES AT heart problem, but has been fitted with an internal defibrillator to keep his heart at a normal pace. On Thursday, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Laurie was awarded the Vital Link Award by the BC Ambulance Service at a ceremony in New Westminster that included some of the paramedics involved that day. Lindsay Bomhof and her partner were the first paramedics to arrive at the Landy home. She praised Laurie’s work to save her husband’s life. “We don’t often have an outcome this well, and it’s nice to see him recovered as well as he did,” Bomhof said. The Vital Link Award recognizes members of the public who save a life and raises awareness of CPR. Coquitlam location only from February 1st to 28th drink prices discounted... Local Beer (Kokanee, Coors, Canadian) SUSHI OYAMA Ans on A ve. Lo ug he ed Hw y. Westwood St. Bob’s heart went into what’s called She found Bob leaning back in his fatal arrhythmia, where the heart is chair. His heart had actually stopped beating so fast it becomes useless as a working. She called 911. pump. Laurie had never performed CPR, He doesn’t remember anything from but she was about to with the help the incident, but two of an ambulance disView a video about months later he’s feelpatcher. “You’re just kind of performing CPR with ing fine and is grateful for his wife’s actions. going on adrenalin, it’s “I’m just forever indebtnot like you know what’s ed to Laurie for doing what going on or understand she did,” Bob told The anything,” she said. NOW. “It’s an experience Over the next frantic few that I can’t comprehend.” minutes, Laurie followed However, he’s not surprised the dispatcher’s directions until his better half remained calm and cool paramedics arrived. under the intense circumstances. “You just have to rely on them “She’s a determined lady when she [paramedics], and they were fantastic,” wants to be,” Bob said. she said. “We were very lucky.” He still isn’t sure what caused his Lucky indeed. CO QU Jeremy Deutsch Pin CENTITLAM etre RE eW ay Barring a last-minute change of mind, child killer Allan Schoenborn was set to be in front of a panel at 9 a.m. this morning (Friday) at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam for his annual B.C. Review Board hearing. Such hearings are meant to decide on any applications a mentally ill patient found not criminally responsible for a crime might make. While a large contingent of media was expected to attend the hearing, the family of Darcie Clarke — whose three children were killed by Schoenborn — was also expected to be on hand to provide a victim impact statement. However, family spokesperson Dave Teixeira said Wednesday the family was still in the dark about what, if any, types of freedoms Schoenborn would ask to receive at the hearing. Teixeira said the hearing process is very stressful on the family, adding they feel Schoenborn is not a candidate for early release. “The family is hoping he’ll remain in custody and he gets the treatment he requires,” he said. Schoenborn, who killed his three children in 2008 in Merritt but was ultimately found not guilty of murder by reason of mental disorder, caused a stir in 2011 when he applied to the B.C Review Board for escorted access to get a coffee and go to a local pool. He eventually withdrew his application. He was also set to have two hearings in 2012, but cancelled both. Check www.thenownews. com later today for updates. $3.44 Asahi, Sapporo (Large Bottle) $6.80 Hot Sake (small) $4.60 Korean Soju $12.90 Pop (can) $1.44

Coquitlam Now February 15 2013

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