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INSIDE: Sto:lo don’t want history sugar-coated in new courses Pg. 3 T U E S D A Y February 12, 2013 a good pain 12 It’s that helps heal  N E W S , SPORTS, WEATHER Crime rises in outlying areas E N T E R T A I N M E N T  BY TYLER OLSEN R eisa Stone says she can communicate with animals through the “condensed energy” of a photograph. Helix is a 16-pound, 14-year-old cat with no reluctance to express herself—be it using her claws or her nails-on-a-chalkboard voice. So when an email about the Chilliwack pet psychic landed in the email inbox of Helix’s owner—this reporter—it was just natural for him to wonder what Stone would say about his furry friend. Listen to me! BY TYLER OLSEN C oun. Jason Lum said he would like to see a stronger police presence in Yarrow following a spate of property crime in the area. And according to the RCMP, he will. Lum, who lives in Yarrow, told council last week that the community had seen an increase in crime recently. “The school has been hit three, four, five times,” he said. “It’s unacceptable.” Lum said he had been told that much of the crime is drug-related and suggested the city work with the RCMP to address crime in Chilliwack’s rural areas. “We need to work with the RCMP and make sure people don’t feel like victims just because they live in an outlying area,” he said. “It’s a huge, huge issue and I think it demands our utmost attention—and not just in Yarrow but in the Greendales, the Rosedales, the outlying areas. People need to feel like they’re being heard and responded to in a timely fashion.” He added: “I’d love to see a show of force out there.” RCMP spokesperson Const. Tracy Wolbeck said the increase in property crime has not been limited to Yarrow. “We’ve had an increase in the property crime rate throughout the [Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment] for quite some time now,” Wolbeck told the Times. “It’s definitely not a unique phenomenon in Yarrow.” But she said police are upping their presence in Chilliwack’s rural areas. Wolbeck said each of the RCMP’s four watches have been assigned a different rural area. Rosedale, Greendale, Yarrow and Ryder Lake have all been assigned to the watches. Wolbeck said residents in those communities should see an increased visible police presence. & Psychic says our pets are trying to tell us something Learn more with Magda Nodzykowski photo Ukrainians have ability to speak with animals First, though, it seemed appropriate to learn how and why Stone does what she says she does. Stone told the Times that animal communication is a vestige of her Ukrainian heritage. There was a time, she says, when all Ukrainians had the ability to speak with animals. But she says centuries of repression has made speaking to animals largely a thing of the past. Stone, though, says her talents survived and made themselves known from an early age. She said she remembers her family’s Irish setter Prince sleeping beside her crib. “My first conversations, really before I could utter words, were mental images I exchanged with Prince,” she said. “And I remember that very clearly.” She said the family used telepathy to keep the peace between their animals. “The animals understood: the cats and dogs and rabbits had to get along together, and the dogs didn’t harass my pony, and when guests came over they could feel free to bring their pets and there wouldn’t be any conflict. There was none of this stuff you see on Judge Judy now: ‘Your dog attacked your dog,’ and her sitting there going, ‘You’re a moron.’” Today, Stone says clients come to her Chilliwack animal communicator Reisa Stone says Helix, a 14-year-old cat, loves “to roar.” Premium Pre-Owned Vehicles at Live Market Pricing 06198229 Plumbing Service Department 8645 Young Street, Chilliwack 604-792-5151 See PETS, Page 19 SHOP OUR ENTIRE PREOWNED INVENTORY NOW WITH DL 5952 Price 60¢

Chilliwack Times February 12 2013

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