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INSIDE: Second half of our look back at the year that was 2012 Pg. 4 T U E S D A Y January 1, 2013 3  N E W S , SPORTS, WEATHER & The four P’s that dominated 2012 E N T E R T A I N M E N T  Prison guard facing charges Kent corrections officer allegedly dealing drugs BY GLENDA LUYMES The Province A Tyler Olsen/TIMES Sappers prepare an under-construction bridge for its move across a gap in the hills above Cultus Lake on the weekend. Sappers building bridges at Cultus T hirty-six Canadian Army Reserve combat engineers. Five hours. One bridge. Hundreds of reservist sappers from across Western Canada and Ontario were in Chilliwack last weekend to take part in Exercise Paladin Response 2012. The exercises were meant to test and improve the leadership and technical skills of the sappers, with a focus on water and gap crossings. The reservists used three different bridge and raft methods to maneuver obstacles. At the Combat Engineers’ Canada Education Park compound, three dozen sappers worked together to build a 12-metre bridge by hand. The skills would come in handy for a scenario in which rising waters posed a flood threat, similar to that seen in Newfoundland following Hurricane Igor. “No guns, no kit, this is what combat engineers thrive at,” Capt. Dan Wowryk said. Elsewhere, dozens more sappers constructed an even larger bridge that, when finished, would span a more-than-40-metre gap. And on Cultus Lake, engineers used boats to bind pontoons together to construct a floating platform that could either be used as a fixed crossing, or pushed across a body of water like a raft. prison guard at Kent Institution could find himself on the other side of the bars after being arrested for allegedly smuggling marijuana and meth into the maximum-security jail. Forty-two-year-old Paul Fleming, of Agassiz, was arrested at Kent at 6 a.m. on Boxing Day and charged with two counts of trafficking a controlled drug, according to an RCMP news release. “The RCMP and Correctional Service Canada (CSC) have been working together EB IRST throughout this investigation,” First reported on said Upper Fra- ser Valley RCMP spokesperson Const. Tracy Wolbeck. “This partnership led to an arrest without incident, and the two agencies will continue to work together as this case moves through the court system.” Citing privacy concerns, CSC’s Tanis Kinney couldn’t say how the prison became aware of Fleming’s alleged activities or whether or not he was still employed at Kent. In an email interview, she said W F Sapper Sean Dewell helps hoist a bridge segment into place. Tyler Olsen/TIMES See GUARD, Page 6 Plumbing Service Department WWW.OCONNORGROUP.COM 06198229 8645 Young Street, Chilliwack 604-792-5151 FREE 143 PT pre-owned inspection and one year membership! only at 604-792-2754 DL#5952 02124924 Price 60¢

Chilliwack Times January 1 2013

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