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Burnaby’s first and favourite information source The Liquidator starts his new season PAGE 11 Delivery 604-942-3081 • Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Cornish breaks Canadian record PAGE 29 Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! >> OPENING DATE CHANGES MILLIONS OF SAND GRAINS LEAD TO WISDOM Edmonds centre is behind Janaya Fuller-Evans staff reporter Progress on the new Edmonds pool and community centre has fallen behind again, with an expected completion date for a “substantial” amount of the project now set for February. The delay was due to weather conditions in June, which prevented the contractor from finishing the roofing on schedule, according to a report from the city’s major civic building project coordination committee. The adjustment set the schedule back about four weeks, the report stated, but the project is still on budget. The centre was about 75 per cent completed as of Oct. 16. Last February, Dave Ellenwood, the director of the city’s parks, recreation and cultural services department, said the project’s completion date was pushed back to December from the previous estimate of midNovember. “We’re hoping they can make up the time, and they’re always looking to do that,” he said at the time. “Our foremost concern is the quality, and if things like this weather hold them up, we don’t want them to cut corners, we want them to just carry on with the schedule.” The opening date for the centre will probably be four to six weeks after the completion date, Ellenwood said. Once construction is finished, the city needs to have the centre inspected Photos by Jason Lang and Larry Wright/burnaby now Spiritual art form: Buddhist Tibetan monks from the Dzongkar Choede Monastery in southern India visited Burnaby’s Nikkei Centre and spent four days working on a sand mandala, a practice dating back 2,500 years. Fine coloured sand is funnelled through metal tubes to create the geometric patterns of the mandala, which is meant to foster compassion, patience, love and wisdom. Once completed, the creation is destroyed, and the process begins anew. The monks are travelling to various cities in Canada creating sand mandalas. Edmonds Page 3 A treatment for varicose veins that doesn’t involve stripping 100 - 120 West 16 St., North Vancouver th 604-985-3330 This procedure eliminates the source of some types of varicose veins by using laser energy to seal shut the saphenous vein from the inside. • No incisions • No downtime Get back to your normal routine immediately after the procedure! PRE-TREATMENT POST-TREATMENT

Burnaby Now November 7 2012

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