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Burnaby’s first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 • Friday, November 23, 2012 Shooting for the world cup stacking record Bully victim: life really does get better PAGE 5 PAGE 11 Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! >> TO LOUGHEED CENTRE Faregate blocks way Janaya Fuller-Evans staff reporter Local resident Jason Pultz is concerned that the faregates at Lougheed SkyTrain Station make it more difficult to get to Lougheed Town Centre. The faregates are situated along the passageway between the station and the shopping centre. People wanting to use the passage once the faregates are activated next year will need to buy a Compass card to get through, whether they use transit or not. This will make accessing the shopping centre more difficult, particularly for people with mobility issues or disabilities, Pultz said. Pultz, 35, was diagnosed 10 years ago with ankylosing spondylitis and also has Crohn’s disease, he said in an interview with the NOW. “It’s basically inflammation throughout the spine, and over time the vertebrae are fused together,” he said of his condition, which makes it difficult for him to walk long distances. “I moved here a few years ago, and one of the main purposes was just because it was so close to the mall,” he said. “I like to walk every day for exercise and do my grocery shopping and stuff over there.” Pultz is worried he’ll be fined if he continues to try to use the passageway without Larry Wright/burnaby now Shut out? Burnaby resident Jason Pultz is raising concerns about faregates at Lougheed SkyTrain station that hinder access to Lougheed Town Centre. TransLink has a pass that allows access through the gates, and users won’t be charged as long as they exit from the same station within 20 minutes. paying for a fare card. He cannot use transit because of his condition, he said, and doesn’t like the idea of having a card on him that can track his movements. But not using the passage would make getting to and from the shopping centre difficult for him, he added. “The alternative route is going all the way up the Austin hill and sort of going around there, so it really lengthens it out,” he said. “It’s a longer trek, especially with big bags of groceries.” Pultz emailed TransLink about the issue and received a reply telling him he would have to buy a Compass card, which would not be charged if he left the station without boarding transit. “There are many people like you who need to pass through SkyTrain stations to access other locations, and we have designed a feature into the Compass card that will allow you to continue to do this,” the email from TransLink stated. “The undo feature on Compass cards will allow someone to enter a station and then exit Faregate Page 3 No million-barrel tankers in plan: Kinder Morgan Jennifer Moreau staff reporter Kinder Morgan is not expecting giant Suezmax tankers in the Burrard Inlet, should the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion go through, contrary to the company’s original pitch to investors in 2010. TV’s, Computers , Electronics & Small Appliances 604-299-3121 2961 Norland Avenue, Burnaby Greg Toth, project director for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, said there’s a lot of misinformation about the pipeline, and the company is hoping to clear up misconceptions at two public information sessions in Burnaby this Saturday and Monday. “The common ones are everything from APPY HOUR! SELECT APPETIZERS Only 6 $ * From 3pm-6pm Daily the size of tankers – that we’re going to be moving super tankers, and our business case for expansion is really predicated on the same size of tankers we use today, the Afromax class tankers,” Toth said. “That’s the maximum size of ship we load today.” Afromax is a class of tankers that can carry 650,000 barrels of oil if fully loaded. From 3pm-6pm daily, we’re serving up selected new appetizers for only $6* each! (Kinder Morgan’s customers load their Afromax tankers to 90 per cent capacity, according to Toth.) “There will be smaller tankers that we also load,” Toth said. “It’s really the shippers of the oil that make the arrangement of the oil for transportation. It may be a mix Tankers Page 4 YOUR AGENT YOURBURNABY LOCAL AGENT BRIAN VIDAS 604.671.5259 2009-2011 Brian Vidas Personal Real Estate Corporation 3010 Boundary Road, Burnaby See stores for details. * www. centre realty

Burnaby NOW November 23 2012

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