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Teen stress: Panelists talk about anxieties in school where a grade less than an A may be unacceptable PAGE 5 New Year’s resolution: Exercise more, eat better, take in a show PAGE 10 WWW.PLEASANTONWEEKLY.COM 6/,8) .5-"%2s$%#%-"%2  help running event to PAGE 5 i: AVHS puts on Help for Hait the recent earthquake by those affected A has new hip: Tri-Valley YMC PAGE 10 Strong partnersram to help at-risk youth mentorship prog ONWEEKLY.COM Celebra of the Pleasanton Weekly Castlewood to Call to end lockout: City Council asks PAGE 5 put union members back to work for answers to Mystery solved: Local mom fought PAGE 10 problem longtime health 6/,8) .5-"%2s!02),  N LI T & O EEKLY.COM Country Club Castlewood update: Stalemate between PAGE 5 and locked-out workers continues hosts expert on big Going green: Energy committee PAGE 12 ntalism business and environme WWW.PLEASANTONWEEKLY.COM MAN STREET WWW.PLEASANTONWEEKLY.COM 6/,8) .5-"%2s-!9  Lifelike bronze sculptures interact with downtown visitors PAGE 12 ON THE nton Pleaseakly We PR IN Pleasanton Weekly WWW.PLEASANTONW WWW.PLEASANT INSID E Pleasanton ting 10 years Weekly s!02),  INSID E  &      Castlewood picke ts juniors moving prom deter patrons: Foothill High to Livermore PAGE 5 Hitting a high note Band celebrates 35 : Pleasanton Community Concert years of music PAGE 15 6/,8) .5-"%2 INS IDE Pleasanton Weekly IN SID E Pleasanton Weekly THE B IG COUN T NE ins, ecade beg As a new daper looks back this newsp the future and to Census crews will continue to gather data in the weeks, months ahead PAGE 12 PAGE 12 %2s/#4/" on Election time: 3 vying for 2 open seats 5 PAGE Pleasanton school board down Kicking off soccer: Teams parade PAGE 5 Main Street as games begin Top jockey a highlight at fair tracks PAGE 14 IS ON :FTUFSEBZžTDIBSN U PEBZžTDPO ISSUE... WFOJFODFT INSID E IN THIS WWW.PLEASANTONWEEKLY.COM %2  Police chief leav P.D., Chief Mic ing: After 30 years with Pleasan hael Fraser set ton to retire 100 years you ng: Centena PAGE 5 longevity to lifetime of phy rian Lillie Rotta attribut sical activity es PAGE 16 M $5 Y.COM Off WWW.PLEASANTONWEEKL WWW.PLEASA  s./6%-"%2  6/,8) .5-"%2  OW Tully’s Plaza hopes ift: Developer of PAGE 5 Main street facel ss s to duplicate his succe s horrors for other vor: Speaker recall PAGE 16 Holocaust survi en again so they will not happ OM NTONWEEKLY.C WWW.PLEA SANTONW EEKLY.CO 6/,8) .5-"%2s3%04%-"%2  PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE TOMORR Pleasanton Weekly INS IDE 6/,8) .5-" IN SI DE Pleasanton RACE Weekly PAGE 12 Pleasanton Weekly INSID E 6/,8) .5-"%2s*5.%  Casey Leaves: But budget woes continue as school board splits on expenditures. PAGE 5 Station readies for opening: Walkway links Dublin to new BART station. PAGE 6 hope Volunteers, supporters raise  INWALKFOR4RI 6ALLEY hospice care PAGE 14 Remembering it all, from January storms to election results to end-of-year happenings WHAT A YEAR Pleasanton Weekly Hiking for IT’S IN OUR HANDS 2010 PAGE 12 Mall celebrates with r’s Eve new stores, New Yea ‘Ball at the Mall’ 0!'% Campaign promotes “shopping local� to help retailers, restaurants thrive PAGE 14 (Clos d T d ) Receive $200 Value of Fair Coupons! Send us your... e-mail address to: I N SI D E Pleasanton Weekly

Pleasanton Weekly 12.31.2010 - Section 1

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