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THNIS ASANTON manag e Group we are and thir ty seve C s w h oEPET# itter coul owned by ve resp wha n, LEouwgenedoHcEtoLPhrs VERYTHIN FO WEARE H REIVDEOOFW .. the ha D W lection, tever pr E ll with yo RS A W em n co d O LIK  TS on HY RE ve w R em P N G en F m T i n A brow Vision THEYEA oject yo ant. de nw WEgRED ERCHAFOREVE H ur latest m t pl E EE b ND" n TH ONATNA RRM u've go project, se through ou here you EBODYH ANKFUL+NOW-valuable insi of your mor tgag itted to assistin oyees. At Land d by UTid, INGTHIS CANBRY BsEP OA t going. LLOWOM E TY!P Rv"ARK u sMS iilA euDsr fleN or just ASHE WELL ght an g you mark See o e an eleven EFE APLACETHEN0T$ sit back r large book se AWPULA A pl LACEIT SNACK ur web TIN , relax un om VERYhP C W EM WITH PEO LENLITHENBDEGSTIFTPSOFANIN 3ELLINGTOPQU LPEDKEEP us you'll be ab d advice when d home equity. in the long-ter with us lection, s it SEDLY . HEREIN e SI LOSI KETOIN m O le A treat to ique medical fo an ETHESH PW se it ur SP LIT r upcom to take d work comes rvices. YFLOWIRATION agents CLU h on d OPAND advant to obta ing class provide age of WELIFTT DEINTHEIRCIRCL ALNATUREMAKE dically, ay’s eye infe oses and our com ining a mor tg HESPIRIT ctions E3EASO the special www.y age plimen , 6ISIT NS CH events! ta such a y are trained o ry u va rk Fre lu In Buildi ng rela s glauc to oma, d ey also iab off tients u er consultatio etic ndergo n ing cata s ract d tionsh ips for who' th Bill s wh o Robin & ur eyes checke d plimen tary gif ? t!! of in do wn Wendy Tom T. nton Dave Hardwa re plumbin was started in 1 g, items n electrical, pain 969wbhyo John 's ee t harpen ded for home and gardewnh o scissors repairs in and do and kn co ives, re the pa 00 item mputer color matchin ir s on sp ecial. C g on y. It has ome in been s an aid tha t if we d d see on’t (Pictur bench in do wnt own nitting place.c 92 om yourkn 5.249.YARN town ittingp (9 205A M lace@ 276) ain St. comca Pleasa nton (B ehi who' s who in busin ess GRAHAM P IA N O A S N T D U GRAHAM DIO RONA GRAHA LD GRAHAM PIANO S ha M teaching PIANO SALE s owned and ALES op Perform since graduatin S continuously erated GRA HAM PI an g with Ba since 19 A his colle ce from San Francisc chelor of Mus 90. He has be NO STUDIO ge teac and en perfo hi and au ic diences ng and perfo o State Univers and Master rming, of Arts rming and in the en ity. Durin perform he degree ance, m hancem g that tim has lite s in ra usic ap preciatio ent of their mus lly influenced e, combined Piano RONA w th n, ic en ith ou music th Egypt an LD GRAHAM eory an joyment throug sands of studen has pe d music h teachi ts perform d the Caribbe rformed history. ng pian an, and ers. He around o accom panist has performed has accumulat the world i.e. with Eu ed the Mus so ic Teac singers. RON lo recitals, as reviews that rope, South Am hers As are the The Cal ALD G well as erica, so en R ifo w Nationa rnia Associat ciation of Cal AHAM is a m ith orchestra vy of s, an ifo em l Associ ion of Pr ation. ofession rnia, The Natio ber in good st d as GRAH an na al di M l G ng of usic Te achers uild of Piano levels an AM PIANO ST Te and Th e Music achers, GRAH d styles, and UDIO offers cl AM ha Teache is qual asses ve ified fo rs music. r char te in piano perfo GRAH acquired awar r sc rm A Comm unity Se M PIANO ST ds, praise and hools. Studen ance for all ag UDIO of rvices. es ar ts fers clas e themselves of RONALD , GRAH se resp s throug includin AM PIANO SA h the Pl ected teache g digita LES of easant rs of l el fe Bay Ar on Park ea. Plea ectronic, uprig rs for sale an s& d se call for an ap ht acoustic an rent all sizes "...his pla of new d grand ying illu pointm an m pi en ina d anos at t to sche tes the " ex the best used pianos room lik dule clas cellent e a crys pr pianist.. ses or tal chan .contro see pian ices in the delier." l and co wosh. full serv n of jew 's wh artsy only in o in ice re sil p d o w n wannd with a pri elry coverin ga perfecti ver and gold air andt om ce ra anufac but in p onist, is turing fa nge for every la of turn cility w one. ing you a European tr tinum as we orking ll. r ideas a of the G not into jew ined goldsmit Robin, an ab e solute h with elry wo of diam mological Ins the rks of a ti onds a rt. He is expert abilit nd colo tute of Ameri specta o's w ncentra "...intere ted powe —San y ho sting an ca als red gem cu Jose M r that we d ins ercury re abso stones , giving him fu o a graduate —Dr. Co piring perform stones larly cut diam News lutely m rnelia Sz ance." . We se ar ".. onds, a ll that yo ve .M knowle lous." abo Kn r. Graha —San ot m ll “Hea Fr ik u rarely 's nd we an busine pe Hochsc dge cisco Ex rforman hule fur rts aminer ces have ha ss foFr ao see in Musik un the powe d Darste other je ve a nice se and Arrows,â€? svheio r of an r 3n4 syhe llende Ku atomic lection welry s Jewele nst in Vi o au bomb!" rsld , enna 2 o to b 4 f — rsaG e Ho re c hfeuren ndaallteA olore nolulu St s. W 925.46 art Bulle rypwpilal rpe produc 2.5645 tin l v&ideCyoo. it in Pleasanton. e have been in d ts and ro www.g ra service h am uw is!ith th piano.c 1st Str s at co 943237 om 5.8 e highe eet, Ple mpetiti 4 6 .6 st quali 600 asanton, CA ve pric ty jewe 560 M 94566 es. lry Downt ain Street ed L to R): Melissa Apparel Manicuri Silva st Jeanne Chapin Aestheti cian Briana Rensha Massag e Thera w pist Debbie Torres Spa Ow ner – Ae stheticia Michelle n Ed wards Massag e Thera pist Rebecc a Long Massag Mic “Laser Jewele technology should rs Gallery is now available th trust fo ! Jewele r all yo e company y rs Gall ur repa ou wide ra e nge fro ry has a uniq ir serv m clas ue sele We are ices.â€? sic to who ctio a life e Thera pist – Re iki hele Master Massag Campbell Rita Rd e Thera pist & Bo . Sureya dy Wrap Hino an Technic Ae ou sth ian Summ etician jos nextst tatonding – Spec e ial izing in Sute ! We ar head to r is here and Brazilia nsamhin at Divin e the be n Waxin at App toe! e g e S S au ki a ex arel & n lo ty 06ce6llenc on)& Bod indust C WE BUY GOLD & Co. own Ple asanton 925.84 in do w 925.48 4 .KIDS From g o. We'v614 Ma e and pr y ry Shopp reat ha e got yo in Str ovide ex ’s finest profes Care who love 560 M Divine ts to su u covereeet, D si traordin s Sto Debbie consignmers will love are all Downtow ain Street per san Lopes the fabu ary cust onals who ha d from owntow p by so ent bout highly tr keepin d n (a ve a ch P om lo o ls c leasanto n Pleas us fin n to bro ooses ross fro ique with ev er serv ained an g up w wse or ice. erythin ith th We loo anton d comm m The r servic the desi only the best on Main Stree ds they will ge g in be to buy k forwa itted to es includ e latest beau t t Blue A tween! a thing rd to yo continu- Sunday. merchangners you love pieces in her in downtown at Savvy Sec ty wraps, e gave) or two ur visit. Pleasan networ . o Nail Car a variety of F industry prod di D n se eb o d r s, . O bi th S always k an upsc ur hours ree! ucts acia e & Spa who' Divine find pric o you will alw e also works of over 1500 ton. Owner D a are Mo Par ties! ls, Waxing, M and s wh with ebbi ays and rela cons ing to be n–Sat 1 o in assage x, down fortable 50-75% find fresh and East Bay bout ignors, to br e Lop 0–5:30 , town , invitin rejuvenate an ing you iques to new tren off of re closed JU IC Y g 1 d atmosph ! tail. ex COACH 1 liq ds on th who' CITIZENS 7 FOR AL ere that perience the e racks. uidate s wh 1 BANANA L MANKIND diffe o in ’s design You will busin REPUBLIC 1 BCBG ed to m ress 1 JEWEL 1 TRUE RE ake 925.46 RY BY PA LIGION 1 ULA 1 LU 2 F FR www.D .6 u EE ll 498 PEOPLE 1 CKY line of ivineS matern ELLA MOS BELLA DA kinand Inside HL 1 LA S1&M ity incl W. Nea Bodyc IT 1 MOM ORE! in your Savvy Secon uding: l Stree life. We ZEE 1 TU ds you t, Down m re M w ca town P M ce ill I 1 & MOR rry al 925.48 ntly also leasan E! 4.5111 “A World fabulous expanded in l the great br find Kids Sav ton to an vy fashion th ds 645 Ma of and sa e 550 Main S you love to , sizes 0-10 fo in Stre ORIGINAL OWNEFRSine Gemsâ€? It makes vvy shab dres t. lo r Downto est. 19 it's a ne by hom cation. Now s your kids the little ones 77 wn Ple et w way in. e good we can of learn asanto JANIE & JA s bring yo Savvy has K ing th ids Sav at you CK 1 LILL n4HE who' lo vy ve Y s wh PULLITZE Secon as well. u even more %IN% Trus o in R 1 JACA ds Fav t. Hon busin OPIREP esty. N DI 1 MIM orites: ess Inte Call or ConďŹ d I & MAGGI RESENTS grity. ence. E st E op by to 1 LIMITED %MP xperIN The pri tisD TWO/JUST turn yo e.EPENDEN TLYAND OWERINGSTU ICE 1 & M ur unuse Take an  provide mary aim of st DENTST ORE! PROAC d cloth  andard a TIVELY OLEARN dditional in g s , schoo possess general base into sp W  WW SH l-b W o . a f T H se kn di h O e E.nop O d educa owledg 0 g Sen expBR W H e eriILeL AnNC i tio E YO U p O a nal nd INB ce by pDESERV EÂŽ rogram su US reparin achieve ppleme skills that all st systems is to 0 Cardinal 6.7511 mercha n name a t nd or logo J ewelers Learning Julia M Fun! urtag "Bringi ng Integ h rity to Your Fr ontCaD oo ew"ele rdin The ow al Jr rs ha ne g stude maximu nts for sc nts this fundam udents should studen ental le ts to acq m benefit from hool cla arn ss the uire selfmethod s by pla motivatio ir academic p es and helpin ing (ISTORY 2009 cing them at th n, independ ractices. g them to ence, a pi enco OF%N e ce n te nd ura OPIx r of all le Since 1 anothe r, Jim Kuhn, s served Plea arning proactive learn ges 976, E ha rn sa st activitie ing #O OWN s. rd f le .nopi has bee an Air B ine years befo s been involv nton afonrdoave atyrn ed in th n ase ho re that. oneboth roth h ir YEARSE ERS4ERI3HERM in e g lp -t ing stu bby sh rouagh a studied He learn blraysic a hreethye je y, nearl XP w d e e o n rs. unique p nd ts (K~1 for and e supplem profe y 1 out /CTOBE ERIENCEINTH ANAND.ANCY 2) edu receive in Pleiku, Vietn d to cu l t andenptal ed sscrioitinca of every ETRAVE R 'RANT gage p d his g are cu In 1977 olish ustcationforthinking. Reco cational prog achieve a high am in 6 home L aymen H rr e h e , o m e ra , g e is n Ji n le ra n r o m tly o e m o iz a lo ts wners town ld 7INNEROFTHE INDUSTRY OPE EACHARMED ff-hours e that focu enrolle s at rn why gist cert . These opened an eve in Ame jewele WITH over 2.5 d as a global d in E.n NEDPle . He la ANDA "AY! ses ificate. are tou r, it’s im Cardin O U r. ri te ca le R o O m W RE r g p A a asa a ve p a i h d ill G is A l Jewe A" ort Progra e ion stu ENCYTRE RD and fru ssistant behindr the ye voided lers ms. dents w r in strating Ch a , your cr ant to identify ATSEVE ED.EXION4RA EST4RAVEL!G nton TravelIN LE G F E o R rl T tim yo d e O E RYVACA ENCY T wide dit can VELgS# MAKEY es. Now E ur optio alvage be save ri IR d. If yo TI n ONWEB CLEOF% -Valley OURVAC s. Fore TRAVEL A TRIAL u would d closure ATIO XCELLEN OO N l me or like to kn , and your fin CEIN 925.46 visit my AROUND DWEALSOARRA NDREAMSAR KLIKEITSOUR wFhOoR' 2 ancial ow mo   s O website T  E future 1.MAT NGEAN WN)TS HEWORL WW re abou 7%%+ w hW : OURPRI DESCO ALITY7ESPEC ww.Ju H (628 D t your o 3 o i n EbNuOsPi InCeOM RTTOURS V ptions liaHelp 7EBELO s s%NOP 4) TOEXC IALIZEINLEISURE I IPLEASA 4713 1 s NGTOSE sDistre IT N st IN A TO S S G N T V tr D E HE0LEA eet, Ste ssedS ESTINATI GMAILC . 152, P SANTON RALPROFESSION ONS OM ellers.c leasan $OWNTO AL om ton COMIN WN!SS TRAVELINDUSTR owntow Y O G O C 7 IA RG SOON n Renta ETRAVE TIONAND ANIZATIO LF l, REQUEN not on #HAMB bath, re N w hTH M TLY BEC cently o E' RE EROF#O S ASWELL s vwNhanc AUSEhIT remode LS - $2300 a MMERC o iyn Gran SSOIM led, blo month b u st,i c E h)TALKW oe-o PORTANT cks fro n w n s ITH e s m Dow r THECLIE TOBEA TRIPSTH ntown BLETOS BUYE NTSABO E Y A V U Y R E T @) MILYn TAKENA WHERET S NEE VEBEE ONTHEIR BEDROO HEYV NDTH N DS IN MS WITH TELLYOU TERESTS BUDG ENRESEARCHA EBEEN WHAT SANTON POOL  TH ET TH N nBE KPLUS DROOMS YOUMIG ATYOUHAVET ANDWHATTHE DHELPDESIGN EYLIKEABOUT OGOSO T THE YREEN SANTON WITHP H VISIONIN RIPSFORTHEM nPLU OOL  M FORTHEM TNOTLIKEWHA B +OR G SBEDRO TYOURFR EPLACE BUTE ) LESS OMS N VERYTRA -ANYTIMESF ASED IENDSLI WANTv CANPLANAV OPOOL VE RI KE ENDS Teri Sh A LERISD S REC UPTO IFF erman CATIONRIGHTD )HELPCLIENTS + ENT T OWNTO , co-ow FINDTH ERENTAND RI-VA Lagun LLEY aO ner SOLD S Come visit Se THETYP ETRIPTH EOFBE DDINGT ATSRIGHT HATTHE Y Learn more about the people you do business with in and around Pleasanton M Lind rving y ort a Z Li Borg F ou for ga e ove nda over 1 ge aiss, ha in Plea nce is all abo r 12 2 sb B santon y u P e t r b a uildin o rs e y art Brok .W materia ou ker. ears. en in ne ls, ong e do that thro g better neigh r W Lin t S h r er/ o u borhoo the es da he e m for wha in gh the ds to t N lea is a or t we do g training of highes t qualityand p pr eal ds our em . More referra lice tgag ploy tha a B ls a o r e our nam nd previous n half of our b ees and a pSahe h eceive ducin ranch team nsed indu Re g c . str u s pla saio of ustome e on ev siness d“ l S s n o yf al l he oa c R a wall we rs a ery fen com nees efrto ce, gate and we are ham n exp ookie n adv is c n ad Esta or build. e proud tods. t eff eri iso ons vis te , arbor, i THIS is f ors rs icie enc the deck a your Bo in iste Y n nd Lin put e Th JULY 2010 Pleasanton WeeklyĂŠUĂŠJuly 16, 2010ĂŠU Page 13

Who's Who in Business 07.2010 - Special Section

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