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THERE ARE ENTRANCES THAT TA K E YOUR BREATH A W AY At some entrances people just cannot find the words. You just have to stop for a while every time before entering. Some entrances make us wish to slide a hand over them. We want to feel them not just see the tiny rifts and an exchange of material. This is Ultimum Pure. Purity of surfaces where nothing defaces the perfect flat surface. An entrance for the most up to date houses and the most demanding admirers of perfection. The one where nothing can be added or taken away. All elements are plunged into unified flat without unnecessary brims and frames. Where everything is one. 612 Astonishing surface made of dark glass reflecting the surrounding and anybody who stands in front of it. Invincible elegance. Subtle purity with two as breath thin lines. Eminent feature with the hidden handle inside the whetted steel band. Perfection.

Black glass ESG with slots outside / colour RAL 9016 inside Handle 9605FL Inox protective trim 1500 glossy Finger scanner in the handle

LED illumination in the handle 6947 Threshold illumination 6948 Side lights LEFT/RIGHT: Infill coverage outside (thickness 60 mm) with black glass ESG

Pure is a secret. Touch it.



Pirnar ultimum 2013 eng