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44 PIONEER SC-LX83 ➜ £2,000 Approx ➜ Genie of the amp Pioneer has succeeded in adding extra magic to the latest receiver from its award-winning series. And Richard Stevenson is rocking his socks off B ack in 2008, Pioneer launched the SC-LX81 and we liked it. We liked it so much, in fact, it won awards and everything. It used ICEpower Class D amplification developed by B&O and it was the best-sounding implementation of the technology we had heard. It scooped all the Oscars for style and was festooned with must-have widgets, too. A year later came the equally good and stylish SC-LX82, but by this time the peer group had caught up in sound quality and surpassed it on sheer features. ‘Righty-ho’, said Pioneer’s engineer’s (albeit in Japanese), ‘prepare to be blown away by 2010’s SC-LX83.’ Out with the black At just shy of £2K, the SC-LX83 is not cheap, but you know you have bought something special. It is a huge, superbly appointed box, and is still the most alluring AV beast on the market, even if its once piano black Thrilled to bits: The PQLS anti-jitter system now works on bitstream signals that help smooth out noise fascia is now a more conservative brushed satin. The core power amplifiers remain unchanged, being the same Direct Energy HD ICEpower devices as its forebear. This is no bad thing, as Pioneer’s implementation of them not only sounds great, but also claims to use a frugal amount of electricity – about a third of traditional Class A/B amps, in fact. The brand’s PQLS anti-jitter system has been further advanced and now works on bitstream signals, HOME CINEMA CHOICE OCTOBER 2010 HCC186.pioneer83 44 8/10/10 11:33:44 AM

Home Cinema Choice Reviews Pioneer SC-LX83

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