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Bach to Rock Concert at Ford VOL. 1 NO. 21 • 16 PAGES • 25K CIRCULATED IN LOS ANGELES/ORANGE COUNTIES AND INLAND EMPIRE FOLLOW US Page 12 @PinoyWatchDog • LIKE US PinoyWatchDog • SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 2012 ‘Outstanding’ awards provides a legacy of unbelievable gall I t used to be that an award was a universal badge of merit with a place of honor symbolizing supremacy in a given field. It used to be the milestone to indicate that a river is forged or that the firmament is breached and the hand extended to claim the nadir of excellence. The word ‘outstanding’ used to mean a conspicuous beacon on a hill admired by the rest of us mere mortals. ► By Dionesio C. Grava, Chief of Reporters Not in Los Angeles it seems. The supposedly 100 Outstanding Filipino Americans in the USA (OFAUSA) were presented with finality Saturday evening and the initial feedback is that the names are not from the cream of the estimated four million or so Filipinos/Filipinas in this nation of achievers? The field of outstanding Filipino Americans is rich and abundant for the picking. And so the question is asked whether or not California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye or former acting California Lt. Governor Mona F. Pasquil were in the list? How about former Senator John En- OPINION sign and Representatives Robert C. Scott and Steve Austria of the US Congress; Governor Benjamin Cayetano of Hawaii and Florence Ebersole Smith, recipient of the Medal of Freedom and the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon. Lt. General Edward Soriano and Major Generals Eldon Regua, John R. D’Araujo Jr. and Antonio Taguba had long broken the glass ceiling in the US Armed Forces with their star ranks. How about them? The list goes on: Jess Española, Nelson Bohol, Francis Barrios, Ruben Aquino and Gini Cruz are among the best in animations. So do in TV and film are celebrities Dean Devlin, Lou Diamond Philips, Vanessa Hudgens, Denise Dador and David Maquiling. Also in the entertainment field are Charmaine Clamor, Becca Godinez, Florante, Apl. de. Ap, Bernardo Bernardo, Joe Bataan, Jun Polistico and dozen others. Miss US International 2009 is Aileen Yap and Jennifer Rosales is golf champ, Natalie Coughlin is 11-time Olympic medalist, Ana Turn to Page 9 Fourth of a series Umayam supports PWD thefts; She’s guilty of anti-Semitism Strange Twist - Publicity Stunt Using Tony Olaes and Gawad Kalinga as a Front Umayam Refuses to Announce Awardees as Promised ► By Rene Villaroman, Managing Editor with additional reporting by Joel and PWD Investigative Team P readers learned that embattled event organizer Darna Umayam first hit our Expose pages on June 23, 2012 that the “100 Outstanding Fil-Ams in the U.S.” was a ‘pay to play’ event, whereby the awardees were paying $1000 to receive the award, with many honorees being kept secret and a large amount of Umayam’s friends and relatives as recipients. On July 7, 2012, PWD wrote how the alleged criteria for awardees were their philanthropic activities, and confirmed the $1000 amount. That same issue revealed that Umayam had long been claiming she graduated Cum Laude from University Santo Tomas in the Philippines, which could not be certified by the university. Bander, Senior Columnist, On July 7, 2012, started disappearing from the newspaper racks beyond the papers popularity; they were being stolen. The next day, July 8, 2012, PWD Senior Columnist Joel Bander wrote that he was concerned about this thievery, to which Ms. Umyam responded, “maybe people sympathize with me for what you are doing. They are putting your newspaper in the trash to where it belongs.” The next issue came out on July 21, 2012, revealing that Umayam hijacked the very charity that was the basis for Saturday’s dinner from the 2009 Independence Day Organizing Committee, as well as many other questionable transactions from that From Our Pen Turn to Page 3 Young burn victims receive treatment in LA, thank benefactors ► Words and photos by Dionesio C. Grava aven Lucero, youngest of three children, was five years old on July 25, 2010 when a freak accident involving heated oil in a kitchen setting caused severe and agonizing burn on much of his body. Shai was one year and six months when she accidentally run into burning rubbish on December 21, 2009. Both are now in Los Angeles to undergo burn reconstruction surgeries and perhaps other recovery requirements. Raven’s parents -- Alberto, 44, a construction worker and housewife Merlyn, 35, of Paradise Valley, Pasonanca in Zamboanga City -- and the Cadellero couple, Josephine and Reneboy of Campuyo, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, may be grateful to their lucky stars but most of all to people and charitable organizations without whose loving care and help their children would have been in much worse conditions than they already are. had the R Turn to Page 6 OPINION Turn to Page 3 p5 Constitutional or man-made crisis? ► By Perry Diaz ENTERTAINMENT & ARTS p8 Robert Shroder is very appreciative of FilAm community’s support of FASO ► By Rene Villaroman EDITORIAL Raven Lucero displaying his skin burns, front and back parts of the body. The other child is Shai Cadellero with protective sheaths covering both burn arms. p4 Umayam and sham honorees insist ‘100 OFAUS’ a success... 21st Issue 4 August 2012

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