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A newsletter for Edinboro Universityâ€&#x;s adult student population. Issue 7, Fall 2013 New Leaf WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Nothing is more rewarding than keeping in touch with adult students after they graduate from Edinboro and become alumni, according to the Office of Adult Student Services! Hopefully, seeing what former students are doing is also encouraging to current students. Lori Maughan graduated from Edinboro in the spring of 2009 with a bachelor of arts in psychology, concentrating in mental health. She was accepted into the graduate program at Edinboro for rehabilitation counseling in the fall of 2009 and graduated with her master of arts in the spring of 2012. She actively searched for a job after graduation and landed her dream job as a rehabilitation specialist with Presque Isle Rehabilitation Services. The company is based in Edinboro where she lives, and she is able to work from home most of the time. The job serves clients within a 2.5 hour radius from Erie, so she is able to do a bit of traveling from time to time, which she loves. Lori works with injured workers as a liaison between the injured worker, employer and insurance adjuster. In this position, she is able to utilize her previous nursing background in combination with her graduate degree. Lori has a unique connection with her clients as she, too, was an injured worker before deciding to return to school for a change in career path. Continued on page 4... INSIDE THIS ISSUE Where are They Now ...............1 Student in the Spotlight...........2 Learning Outside of Class........3 Adult Student Scholarship ......3 Did You Know? ........................4

Adult Student Newsletter Fall 2013

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