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} Raising Your Rabbit p.20 Sniff it. Kick it. Lick it. Catnip heaven! Pet Valu Your Pet. Your Life. Your Store Spring I 2011 Win CESaR 〉〉 Spring is in the Air! Puppies & Kittens MILLaN BOOkS 〉 paGe 23 Woof Woof NuisaNce BarkiNg! Your Comprehensive Pet Valu "Cut-Out & Keep" Guide 〉 paGe 13 Is there anything you can do? 4 STEPS to relief from pet allergies 〉 paGe 22 Pet Apps, Top 10 Dog Breeds, Eco-cleaners and more 〉〉what's in your pet's food? Understanding PET FOOD INGREDIENTS •PV Companion #6 Canada_V2.indd 1 Plus Brushy, Bathy, Clippy, Happy! Good grooming is essential 〉 PAGE 6 11-03-01 12:41 PM

Pet Valu Companion - Spring 2011

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