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P I C T U R E YO U R S E L F H E R E A place where scholars, believers, artists, athletes, and innovators CONVERGE.






PATH TO YOUR SUCCESS 10 Business Administration 12 Communication 14 Fine Arts 16 Humanities and Teacher Education 18 International Studies and Languages 20 Natural Science 22 Religion 24 Social Science 26 International Programs


WE ARE WAVES NATION! 32 Waves Spirit 34 Athletics and Olympics




WHERE VALUES MEET VALUE 46 The Pepperdine Impact 48 Within Your Reach

The Pepperdine Experience Students choose Pepperdine for the possibilities that a faith-based university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values provides. At Pepperdine you will be strengthened for a life of purpose, service, and leadership. Picture yourself living and studying in the relaxed coastal community of Malibu,California, just 30 miles away from the myriad of professional and cultural opportunities that exist within the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. Graduate Schools Graziadio School of Business and Management Graduate School of Education and Psychology School of Law School of Public Policy Campuses California Washington, D.C. South America Europe Asia


A Place of Faith Christian values, firmly rooted in a Church of Christ heritage, are at the heart of each academic pursuit and spiritual journey at Pepperdine. Here, we expect the highest academic standards within a framework of Christian beliefs and values that provide a transformative college experience, respectful of an individual’s pursuit of God’s truth. Members of all faith traditions are welcome to explore their spiritual path at Pepperdine.

Ways to Examine, challenge, and grow in your faith Religion courses Convocation Series An affiliated campus ministry program Student-led spiritual life programs Prayer and unity gatherings Service projects Mission trips


find yourself here College is an integral time of personal and spiritual growth, where students seek, investigate, and question their identity on a daily basis.


Breadth of Service





Senior Connection




2013 Pepperdine Volunteer Center


Got Game Sports

The Kingdom Center




United Friends








Missions on Skid Row


Habitat for Humanity



Language Connection












School on Wheels

FOOD Share

Camp David Gonzales


Number of hours Number of student participants

America Reads

Children's Nature Institute



Boys and Girls Club of Malibu Teen Center

A Well-Rounded Start Semester-long general education courses sharpen critical thinking, improve information literacy, and build a learning community. First-year students are presented with intellectually engaging seminars and colloquia unique to Pepperdine. Social Action and Justice Colloquium (SAAJ) This series focuses on issues of social justice, including human rights, poverty, the interplay of religion and culture, and the role of media in shaping social movements. Great Books Colloquium From the ancient Greeks to the present, this seminar will enable you to read and discuss some of the most influential, thought-provoking, and enjoyable literary works ever written. Mentorship In each academic division and major, students have the opportunity to engage in research projects with their professors. From publishing articles in a journal to conducting research and presenting their findings at a national conference, students are able to add these notable achievements to their resumes and graduate school applications. Seaver College seeks to integrate and direct these experiences towards your development intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.


Enrich yourself here The curriculum at Pepperdine emphasizes both the broad discovery of all disciplines, as well as a deep concentration in one area of study.

43 13:




Pepperdine’s small student body and low student-to-faculty ratio (13:1) will provide you with unparalleled access to state-of-the-art facilities, resources, and remarkable professors who are committed to mentorship and student learning both in and out of the classroom.



advance yourself here Learning takes place constantly and in every facet of a student’s life.

Personalized Learning Environment


average class size

er mi na l

e l-tim of ful


degr ee

st u d e n ts


cu lty rt lo hav a r o e earned a doct

Academic Divisions Business Administration Communication Fine Arts Humanities and Teacher Education International Studies and Languages Natural Science Religion Social Science

5 most Popular Majors Of the 43 diverse academic disciplines offered at Seaver College, these are the five most sought-after areas of study.











Interdisciplinary Programs African American Studies Ethnic Studies Intercultural Studies Nonprofit Management Women’s Studies Special Programs Certificate in Conflict Management As a private Christian liberal arts university, Pepperdine is at the forefront of holistically developing the next generation of leaders through rigorous curriculum, faculty mentorship, tailored research opportunities, and timely lectureship series. The liberal arts curriculum at Pepperdine serves as the foundation upon which you can explore, debate, and address life’s deepest questions and the world’s greatest challenges. The outcome is a transformational educational experience that allows you to explore your passions, enrich your life through new academic encounters, and graduate with fundamental knowledge to draw upon throughout your life.


P at h t o Y o u r S u c c e ss

Business Administration Embedded within a liberal arts college, where a spirit of inquiry precedes concrete evidence and fact-seeking, the Business Administration Division at Seaver College emphasizes skills essential to a robust investigation of business and industry. Seaver holds in high regard the development of personal judgment and responsibility; an active, questioning mind; and the ability to make sense of facts and their implications. The division will challenge you to consider both ethical and economic implications of corporate decisions, whether kick-starting your entrepreneurial spirit through Venture Initiation course work, managing an actual portfolio in the hands-on Portfolio Management course, participating in a service learning opportunity to consult distressed businesses, looking beyond boundaries in the international business major, or looking toward your future with the five-year BS/ MBA program. Majors Accounting Business Administration International Business Minors Accounting Marketing special program Joint Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration (BS/MBA)


Zach and friends travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while studying abroad in South America.

Zach Campbell Fort Worth, TX Junior M aj o r Business Administration, Certificate in Conflict Management from the Straus Institute Hometown S tat u s

“Pepperdine’s liberal arts program allows all students to ask the hard questions and find themselves through their studies, their faith, and the Pepperdine family that surrounds them. From the first day walking onto Pepperdine’s campus, I was impressed with how the University welcomes and supports its students. New Student Orientation was an incredible experience of meeting new friends and getting a glimpse of the unique and fun activities and traditions offered at Pepperdine, such as “My Tie,” where all new students are invited to a reception at President Benton’s house on campus. Holistically, the faculty, staff, and students at Pepperdine are genuine, and they truly care about your success in all aspects of life.“ I n t e r n a t i o n a l P r o g r am

Buenos Aires, Argentina A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity Market Research Intern at CBS Television Distribution I n v o lv e m e n t

Catholic Student Association Service Projects

Camp Kilpatrick Step Forward Day in Argentina


Communication The ability to communicate effectively crosses all professions and transcends into the personal realm of relationships, citizenship, and family. In light of the importance that communication plays in the world, the course offerings in the Communication Division are designed to provide the theoretical basis for understanding the processes of communication and the training to prepare for specific careers in mass media, education, government service, business, and industry. Majors Advertising Communication (Sequences) Intercultural Interpersonal Organizational Rhetoric and Leadership Integrated Marketing Communication Journalism Media Production Public Relations Minors Rhetoric and Leadership Speech Communication


Jaime Olaez Forest Grove, OR Junior Media Production

Hometown S tat u s M aj o r

Jaime and his fraternity brothers pose for a photo with the historic Duomo in the background in Florence, Italy.

“Studying abroad in Florence, Italy, was the greatest year of my life thus far. From visiting Vatican City to listening to Catholic mass in Latin, Pepperdine has provided me with the opportunity to be exposed to so many new experiences. It’s not often that you find a school that is challenging academically, located in such a prime location, and lets you travel the world with your fellow students who become lifelong friends. Through this experience, I have become a much more informed, engaged, and independent citizen of the world.” I n t e r n a t i o n a l P r o g r am

Florence, Italy A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

Program of the Year Award for Film/TV for the Communications Division I n v o lv e m e n t

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity International Programs Ambassador, Florence Beacon Sitcom Songfest Service Projects

Step Forward Day


Fine Arts As arts are regarded as essential elements in a liberal arts education, the Fine Arts Division offers courses, performances, and exhibits that provide cultural nourishment and avenues of expression for the entire campus community. As an art, art history, music, or theatre major, you will be provided the very best training available to develop a repertoire of themes, forms, media, or analytical techniques appropriate to your chosen field of interest. Bound to an uncompromising high level of professionalism, you will gain the skills and techniques necessary for a successful audition, performance, exhibition, or curatorial career. Majors Art Art History Music (Sequences) Applied Music Composition Music Education Theatre Arts (Sequences) Acting Directing Production/Design Theatre and Music Theatre and Media Production (Sequences) Acting Directing Minors Art Art History Multimedia Design Music 14

Sarah enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean while hiking the Santa Monica Mountains that surround campus.

Sarah Attar Escondido, CA Junior M aj o r Art M i n o r Multimedia Design and Art History Hometown S tat u s

“Beautiful may be an overused term to describe Pepperdine because of the breathtaking vistas around every corner, but it also describes the diverse and vibrant campus community. Pepperdine is full of an exciting energy and people who are passionate to lead and serve. My college experience has provided me with some of the deepest conversations, friendships, and experiences that have positively impacted my sense of purpose. I have been challenged to ask more questions because of my passion for knowledge, and I have learned what it means to be a part of a community. We all hold ourselves to this higher standard, which leads us to accomplish amazing things, and that is truly beautiful.� I n t e r n a t i o n a l P r o g r am

Washington, D.C. A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

Great Books Colloquium Fine Arts Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) I n v o lv e m e n t

Cross Country/Track Student Programming Board Campus Recreation Pepperdine Green Team Art Club


Humanities and Teacher Education The Humanities and Teacher Education Division promotes a holistic education that aims to develop habits of reflection and sound judgment that will strengthen you for a life of thoughtfulness, service, and responsible influence. The division seeks to inspire reverence for language and rigorous exposition, argumentation, logic, and problem solving; foster intellectual independence; and encourage spirited inquiry and disciplined imagination. These programs of study are morally inscribed, mobilizing the virtues that go hand-in-hand with academic inquiry— courage and confidence in one’s undertakings, charity and civility, honesty and humility—all of which sustain communities of learning. Majors Creative Writing English Film Studies History Liberal Arts Philosophy Minors African American Studies Creative Writing English Literature Film Studies History Philosophy Professional and Academic Writing Women’s Studies Special Program Teacher Education Program 16

Carmen and classmates participate in the Cal Grant Lobby Day in Sacramento, California.

Carmen Izquierdo Los Angeles, CA Sophomore Maj o r English and Political Science (double major) Hometown S tat u s

“My most meaningful experiences at Pepperdine have been the relationships developed with professors, especially with my first-year Speech and Rhetoric professor. As a mentor she encouraged me to pursue my dreams regardless of circumstances and was able to provide me with sound advice beyond the classroom. Like so many professors at Pepperdine, she genuinely cared about me as her student, and we still keep in touch. I truly value that Pepperdine’s small class sizes allow for and facilitate mentorship relationships between the faculty and students. I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by a community of mentors that can help me in my journey, motivating me to always do my best in everything I do and to remain determined and excited about my future.“ A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society SAAJ Humanities Division Scholarship Recipient Hispanic Scholarship Fund Recipient I n v o lv e m e n t

Student Government Association Latino Student Association Writing Center Tutor Service Projects

Step Forward Day Midnight Mission Los Angeles Camp David Gonzalez Habitat for Humanity Athletic Academic Support Center Tutoring


International Studies and Languages Seaver College recognizes that in an age of increasing globalization, A Mutual understanding and appreciation of differing cultural perspectives is crucial. To equip you as a global citizen, the International Studies and Languages Division provides forums to explore pressing international, political, economic, and cultural questions affecting our world today. Through a unique curriculum and study abroad programs, you will have the opportunity to deepen your awareness of the international community, your place in it, and how you might positively impact the world. Majors French German Hispanic Studies Italian International Studies (Specializations) Asian Studies Economics European Studies International/Intercultural Communication International Management Latin American Studies Middle East/North African Studies Political Studies Minors Asian Studies French German Hispanic Studies Italian 18

David Chang Los Alamitos, CA Senior Spanish and Media Production (double major)

Hometown S tat u s M aj o r

David and friends explore Bolivia as part of their adventures abroad in South America.

“The people that make up the Pepperdine community have made me want to become a better person from the examples and guidance they provide. The faculty and mentors I have built relationships with have guided me towards an intelligible and safe path to discovering truth and I have grown tremendously through them. My friends have also pushed and encouraged me to live a life of meaning and purpose. The overall joy that you find in the campus community is a continuous reminder of what is most important in life: friendship, connectivity, and community. From building relationships and observing others, I have been able to form a more comprehensive idea of what faith should be about and how I can become a better global citizen in the world.� A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

Reel Stories Film Festival, Audience Choice Award Winner I n t e r n a t i o n a l P r o g r am

Buenos Aires, Argentina I n v o lv e m e n t

Celebration Chapel Pepperdine Ambassadors Council Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity University Ministries Service Projects

Students win the Distinguished Delegation award at the 2013 Model United Nations conference in New York City.


Step Forward Day Project Serve Adulam Ministries 19

Natural Science The Natural Science Division programs and faculty strive to create educational experiences that develop your intellect while simultaneously nurturing your heart, advancing your character, and growing your faith. Although education occurs in the classroom, it also occurs in laboratories, field sites, conference presentations, internship locations, and numerous other locations. Whether listening to a lecture, conducting a laboratory experiment, performing research mentored by a faculty scholar, or shadowing a physician in his or her office, you will be strengthened for a life of purpose, service, and leadership. Majors Biology Chemistry Computer Science/Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Education Natural Science Nutritional Science Physics Sports Medicine

Minors Applied Mathematics Chemistry Computer Science Mathematics Physics Sports Medicine

Special Program Engineering 3/2 program tracks to be completed in conjunction with partner institutions: Chemical Engineering; Computer Engineering; and Mechanical, Electrical, or Civil Engineering


Kim and fellow Pepperdine ROTC members honor the victims of 9/11 at the annual Waves of Flags display.

Kimberly Gerling Arlington Heights, IL Junior Chemistry

Hometown S tat u s M aj o r

“One of the most important mentors I have at Pepperdine is my research advisor, Dr. Joe Fritsch, with whom I have worked with since the second semester of my first year conducting research in the inorganic chemistry lab. I am especially proud of my accomplishments in chemistry research and I was recently published in the Dalton Transactions with Dr. Fritsch and a recent Pepperdine alumnus. I have also had the opportunity through the Natural Science Division to present my research at various national conferences. Dr. Fritsch has been a great person to talk to for academic advice and is willing to help with all the issues college has thrown at me. I don’t think this type of mentorship would have been possible at any other school, and it has really shaped my time at Pepperdine and helped to prepare me for medical school.” A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

American Chemical Society Meeting Presenter Research Published in the Dalton Transactions I n v o lv e m e n t

Army ROTC Chemistry Researcher/Grader Service Projects

Malibu Science Night Science Lab Days with L.A. Public Elementary Schools


Religion With emphasis on academic rigor and a spirit of genuine inquiry, the Religion Division’s mission is to lead you into a deeper understanding of religion, specifically Christianity, by fully integrating the life of the mind with the life of the spirit. Academically, the division focuses principally on biblical studies, Christian history, and Christian theology. At the same time, the division offers courses that will introduce you to the study of religion within a variety of human cultures, both ancient and modern. In addition to general education courses designed to familiarize you with the Old and New Testaments and the dynamics of Christianity’s interaction with contemporary culture, you can also pursue major or minor degrees in the Religion Division to prepare for ministry or graduate study. Majors Religion Minors Religion Vocational Ministry


Demi McCoy Upper Marlboro, MD Junior Religion

Hometown S tat u s M aj o r

Demi inspires the crowd with her spoken word performance at a student-led coffeehouse gathering.

“My faith informs my pursuit of truth at Pepperdine because it has emblazoned a curiosity for God inside me. As a religion major, I am able to appease my inquisitive nature by further exploring theology, history, biblical studies, ministry, and missiology. I put my best effort into my classes because I know that God will continue to reveal his wonders through my continued intellectual growth. My professors and mentors have instilled in me an eagerness for lifelong learning and have taught me the value of sharing knowledge with other people. Those who have served me have given me the compassion to serve others. And those who have been global citizens, throughout history, have given me an example of what it’s like to make a difference in the world. Pepperdine is a university that seeks to transform its students into global citizens that will go on to help transform the world.” A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

SAAJ Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Center for Faith and Learning, Ministry Grant Recipient I n t e r n a t i o n a l P r o g r am

East Africa I n v o lv e m e n t

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Genesis Gospel Choir Spiritual Life Advisor

Black Student Association Spoken Word

Service Projects

Project Serve Step Forward Day School on Wheels


Habitat for Humanity Midnight Mission Los Angeles Mission 23

Social Science As a student in the Social Science Division, you will have the opportunity to integrate the theoretical work of the classroom with practical experience outside of the classroom, improve your written expression, and sharpen your analytical skills. By uniting the theory and research from these respective disciplines, a more comprehensive, complex, integrated, and consequently helpful view of humanity is possible. In addition to providing a foundation for service in social science careers, the Social Science Division will prepare you for and provide you with access to internships with mental health agencies, correctional agencies, nonprofit organizations, political groups, and domestic and international business and research institutions. This exposure will help you develop a trained eye and mind and provide you with tools to analyze social life with a degree of precision. Majors Economics Political Science Psychology Sociology Minors Economics Ethnic Studies Industrial/Organizational Psychology Social Work Sociology


Demisse snaps a photo of himself on the South Lawn at the White House during his Washington, D.C., internship.

Demisse Selassie H o m e t o w n College Park, MD S tat u s Junior M aj o r Political Science, Certificate

in Dispute

Resolution from the Straus Institute “Pepperdine really focuses on the cohesive inclusion of each person on campus, creating a community that fosters growth in academics and faith. When I first came to Pepperdine I struggled with being 3,000 miles away from home, beginning to explore life’s common question: “Who am I?” Pepperdine has instilled values and goals in me that are unique to my mission and purpose in this world and I’ve learned to use my faith as my compass as I navigate through life. As a student you’ll grow by tackling some of life’s most complex questions. As a theist you’ll grow by further examining religious texts more in-depth. As a friend you’ll grow by serving as someone’s place of comfort, and by coming to Pepperdine, you’ll grow with your fellow Waves. I’ve grown so much since I’ve stepped foot on this amazing campus, and Pepperdine provided me the guidance and tools to become an essential piece in my local and global community.” A ca d e m i c A cc o l a d e s

SAAJ Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society I n t e r n a t i o n a l P r o g r am

Washington, D.C. I n v o lv e m e n t

Student Government Association, President Student Programming Board Service Projects

D.R.E.A.M. (Dramatically Reconstructing Education through African-American Men) Mentorship with Camp David White House Mentorship Program with Woodrow Wilson High School Skid Row Food Shelter PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY 25

Pepperdine’s International Programs Embrace your sense of adventure and emerge as a global citizen with new cultural perspectives and diverse relationships. Whether in the heart of London or in historic Heidelberg, you will never feel far from home. You will be living and studying in Pepperdine-owned facilities and be taught and mentored by faculty from the Malibu campus. Visit the Duomo in central Florence to learn about the achievement it represents, or, as part of Pepperdine’s Summer Special Interest Programs, broaden your understanding of cross-cultural communication and economic development through projects in villages across East Africa. Perhaps you will conduct tests on native plant life in the Costa Rican rainforest. Wherever your thirst for dynamic experiences takes you, real-life learning will occur there.

more than


of students participate in one of Pepperdine’s highly regarded International Programs and cited it as one of the highlights of a their four years at Seaver College.


Program Locations Washington, D.C. Buenos Aires, Argentina London, England Lausanne, Switzerland Heidelberg, Germany Florence, Italy Shanghai, China



Washington, D.C. Program At the forefront of global symposia, seminars, conferences, and cultural exchanges, the Washington, D.C. Program has been the starting point of many highly-coveted careers in our nation’s capital and beyond.


International program options Participate in a variety of semester, academic year, winter, summer, internship, and special interest International Programs.

The internship-based program will offer you the opportunity to investigate your professional goals and prepare you for a career in the global marketplace. Host to over 175 foreign embassies, as well as the headquarters of many international organizations, trade unions, and nonprofit organizations, students of the Washington, D.C. program have interned at the White House, the Department of Justice, MSNBC, the National Coalition for the Homeless, the Smithsonian, and more. A unique opportunity In the newly revamped program, you will also have the incomparable opportunity to experience a two-week international study tour in either the Middle East (Dubai or Jordan) or the Caribbean (Cuba, Haiti, or the Dominican Republic) in the fall and spring semesters.


w e a r e wa v e s n at i o n !

AYO Waves! It’s impossible to walk around the Seaver campus without running into an athlete bedecked in blue and orange. And their spirit? It resonates in all they do. Just look at the number of studentathletes and coaches who have rushed the court after winning national championships, been inducted into Halls of Fame, and medaled at the Olympics. This is Waves Nation, where 17 men’s and women’s Division I athletic teams demand victory on the floor and convene in a community of collegiate sports after the stands clear. It’s not just the ones on the court that bleed blue and orange. Painted bodies chanting “AYO Waves!” at the tops of their lungs and students spreading contagious school spirit get the crowd going. No sport—not Pepperdine’s men’s basketball, women’s golf, or even sand volleyball—is safe from the raucous and most fervent of supporters, the Riptide Spirit Crew, ready to welcome each new class into this rich and historic tradition. Try as you may, but you will never beat Pepperdine mascot Willie the Wave in a game of school spirit!




Men’s Baseball Basketball Cross Country Golf Tennis Track Volleyball Water Polo

Women’s Basketball Cross Country Golf Soccer Swimming and Diving Tennis Track Indoor Volleyball Sand Volleyball

Club Equestrian Men’s Lacrosse Women’s Lacrosse Rugby Triathlon Men’s Soccer Surfing Ultimate Frisbee Women’s Water Polo


Intramural Sports Dodgeball Flag Football Tennis Volleyball Basketball Soccer


men and women, up to the 2012-2013 season. 12 Team National Championships and 10 Individual National Championships.


Sarah Attar competing in the 2012 London Olympics.




1992 2000 2008

Student Olympians (Sean Rooney) USA men’s volleyball

(Merrill Moses & Jesse Smith) USA men’s water polo

(Simon Aspelin) Sweden men’s tennis doubles

(Dain Blanton) USA men’s beach volleyball

(Bob Ctvrtlik & Jeff Stork) USA men’s volleyball

(Craig Buck, Bob Ctvrtlik, Jeff Stork & Troy Tanner) USA men’s volleyball

(Terry Schroeder) USA men’s water polo

(Brad Gilbert) USA men’s tennis singles

(Craig Buck) USA men’s volleyball

(Linda Chisholm) USA women’s volleyball

(Terry Schroeder) USA men’s water polo

(Marilyn White) USA women’s track 4x100 relay

(David Kirkwood) USA modern pentathlon team

Olympics highlight Student-athlete Sarah Attar made history at the 2012 London Olympics when she became one of two first-ever women athletes to represent Saudi Arabia in the Olympic games. Sarah competed in the women’s track and field 800-meter race.

however If the U.S. Olympic coaches receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medals on podiums in internationally televised presentations Pepperdine would add another...


six gold medals Marv Dunphy 1988 and 2008, Sato 1988, Sicoli 2012, Tanner 2008, Vernovage 2000


two silver medals Dunphy 2012, Schroeder 2008


one bronze medal Sato 1992

An impressive


student-athletes and alumni have either competed in or coached at the summer Olympics since 1956.


the seaver experience

discover Ask any student at any school and they will agree that much of the college experience takes place outside of the classroom. At Pepperdine the student experience is realized by remarkable people with an abundance of zeal for the robust traditions and opportunities unique to the University. With more than 60 student clubs and organizations, an active student government, Greek life, a strong athletic tradition, more than 150 sponsored on-campus events each year, intramural and club sports, student-led spiritual life activities every day of the week, and theatre and dance productions, there is always an activity to join and an opportunity for you to build lasting friendships. Activities and Traditions Songfest Reel Stories Film Festival Blue and Orange Madness Winter Wonderland Dance in Flight My Tie Spring Concert Culture Festival and Club Fair Residence Hall House Cup Competition Coffeehouse Gatherings Pepperdine Improv Troupe (PIT)


To p 5 hom e state s ( U SA re s iden t st ude n ts ) Washington












Pepperdine’s residential campus is home to a vibrant student body from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, geographic, and rigorous academic backgrounds. Each student’s personal experiences, passions, and accomplishments contribute to the culture and further diversity on campus. The exciting transition to college will be guided by the leadership and support provided by two student resident advisors and a spiritual life advisor in each residence hall. With over 60 percent of students living on campus, in fully furnished, suite-style residence halls centrally located on the main campus, the close-knit, safe community will expose and enlighten you to diverse ideas, passions, and interests never before explored.


ma l e

Live on one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation. Princeton Review ranked Seaver residence halls at the top of their prestigious, national list.

f e ma l e

Be at the center of it all

59 % 41 %



top 15 countries of origin (international students) 9.95% of the undergraduate student population are international students.

China 28.97%

Singapore 2.75%

Indonesia 10.34%

Saudi Arabia 2.75%

South Korea 8.97%

Germany 1.72%

Canada 4.83% India 3.10% Taiwan 3.10%

United Kingdom 1.72%

Italy 1.37%

South Africa 1.72%

Philippines 1.37%

Hong Kong 1.72%

Mexico 1.03%

Student Resources Career Center Counseling Center Disability Services Health Center Intercultural Affairs Office of Financial Assistance Office of International Student Services Public Safety Student Employment Student Activities Volunteer Center Dining There are 10 different dining options on campus ranging from the Waves Café, affectionately dubbed “the Caf” by students, to the Jamba Juice smoothie station in the Sandbar. The dining facilities are committed to using locally sourced produce and supporting specific dietary needs by providing students with organic, glutenfree, vegetarian, and vegan meal options. Deer Spotting Don’t be alarmed if you cross paths with a furry, four-legged creature on your way to class. One of the surprising—and spectacular—features of Pepperdine’s pastoral campus is the friendly population of mule deer that roam the hills.


where values meet value

The Pepperdine Impact One of the greatest values of earning your degree at Pepperdine is the professional preparation and leadership groundwork rooted in ethical decisionmaking, critical thinking, real-world application, and global perspective. Internships In addition to the career-building internships at leading companies in the Los Angeles area, students have the opportunity to gain work experience worldwide through internship programs in Washington, D.C.; Lausanne, Switzerland; and London, England. Graduate Fellowships Nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships provide unique opportunities for postbaccalaureate study and research domestically and abroad. Every year, a committee of faculty advisors and a team of administrative staff assist undergraduate students who are pursuing these highly selective, prestigious awards. Scholars 40 Fulbright Fellowships 19 California State Government Fellowships 8 Rhodes Scholarship Finalists 9 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships 7 National Science Foundation Grant Researchers


President Andrew K. Benton at the 2013 Seaver Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) presentation.

D i s c o v e r yo u r s e l f h e r e Make a positive impact in society.

top-notch Recent Pepperdine grads have gone on to work for companies including... Amgen



Hughes Research Lab

The Academy of Country Music

International Justice Mission



Bill and Melinda

Kaiser Permanente

Gates Foundation

Live Nation

Creative Artists Agency


Capital One

Morgan Stanley


NBC Universal





DreamWorks Animation


Ernst & Young

Oprah Winfrey Network


Peace Corps



Fidelity Investments


Four Season



Teach for America

The Gary Sinise Foundation


Goldman Sachs

and many more...

Real-World Experience


of Pepperdine students participate in student employment, student teaching, and internships.


Within Your Reach The Office of Financial Assistance makes it possible for students and families to access the transformative educational experience that Pepperdine offers. The priority deadline for financial assistance is February 15. Pepperdine contributed approximately $54 million in University-funded grants and scholarships for undergraduate students during the 2012-2013 academic year. The average annual grant and scholarship package per year for the incoming class of 2012 was $35,030. Apply online Fall 2013 Application Statistics Number of Applications 10,464 Number Admitted 3,862 Admit Averages Mid-50% First-Year GPA 3.53-3.93 Transfer GPA 3.45-3.80 SAT Critical Reading and Math 1210-1360 SAT Critical Reading, Math, Writing 1810-2050 ACT Composite 27-31 TOEFL IBT 94-106 Tuition and Fees 2013-2014 Tuition (12–18 units) $44,650 Room and Board $12,890 Student Activity Fee $252 Total $57,792 (based on 2013-2014 academic year)



helpful Resources

of undergraduate students received some form of financial assistance during the 2012-2013 academic year.

A P P LY YO U R S E L F H E R E Where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.




Seaver College of Pepperdine University 24255 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90263




+1 310.506.4246

Over 30 organized groups and chapters all over the U.S. and around the world.


All academic, enrollment, and financial statistics contained


in this publication are based upon figures or official estimates available as of July 1, 2013, and some may be subject to change. Sources available upon request.


24255 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY, MALIBU, CA 90263 | PHONE: 310.506.4000

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