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Alef magazine SPRING GLEAMING GOTTA HAVE IT So many bags, so little time DUBAI’S ART ELITE The powers behind the scene EMBROIDERED STORIES Saudi Arabia’s tribal textiles THE JEWEL OF DOHA  ISSUE IM Pei’s Qatar masterpiece MARCH/APRIL 2008 ISSUE 6 UK UAE KW USA AUS JOR FR LEB BAH IT KSA 4.50 GBP 30 AED 3 KD 10.99 US 11.95 AS 6.500 JD 12.95 Euro 17.000 LBP 3.250 BD 9.95 Euro 35 SR 001_AL_Cover_ROW_CSHW 1 11/3/08 19:33:50

Alef Magazine Issue 6

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