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TV Roundup Week of March 22 through March 28 Published by PAYSON ROUNDUP “The Story of the Jews With Simon Schama” premieres Tuesday on PBS. It’s Easy To Catch The Madness. This year, catch every game back-to-back with couch-side seats from Suddenlink. To assist our college basketball fans, we’re placing all four networks broadcasting the NCAA tournament in consecutive channel order, so you don’t miss a minute of the action. Now, is that a smart call or what? TOURNAMENT LINEUP: 1501 – KPHO-CBS HD 1502 – truTV HD 1503 – TBS HD 1504 – TNT HD 1505 – KPHO-CBS (SD) 1506 – truTV (SD) 1507 – TBS (SD) 1508 – TNT (SD) Watch all the NCAA tournament action on Suddenlink. See it all on back-to-back channels. Only on Suddenlink. 1-928-468-6750 |

TV Guide March 22-28, 2014

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