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3 4 Sodexo Shuts Down Residents look elsewhere for food during break Election Coverage Senate Executive Candidates Speak Out to the Voters 9 10 Cooking With Tom Fried Pork Chops with Grilled Vegtables Dropping 4.20.09, Mix Tape by ALBe THE PAUW WOW Vol. LXXXI, No. 10 Saint Peter’s College Student Newspaper Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Who’s the Good, Bad, Ugly? Exclusive Senate Executive Interviews Photos by Martin Sirakov One of these men will hold the position of Student Senate President for the 2009-10 academic year. David Jacome, Anthony Fiumidinisi, and Noel borges (from left to right). By Justin Roberts News Editor, ‘10 On Tuesday, April 7, I had the pleasure of interviewing the three men running for the Student Senate Presidency about their hopes, plans and ambitions. Here is what they had to say: Pauw Wow: If you are elected, what are your plans for next year? Anthony Fiumidinisi: First, I plan on creating a committee to ensure the equal distribution of the money collected through the Student Activities Fee. The committee will be comprised of senators, administrators and any regular student voted onto it by the Senate. PW: A lot of people think that the Student Senate is ceremonial, little more than a popularity contest. Would you agree? AF: Not at all. Right now, I am working with Dean Yam to extend the library’s See Interview on Page 5 Housing Shortage Demand Increase Causes Residence Life to Seek Alternative Housing Solutions By Rozen Pradhan Managing Editor, ‘11 The Office of Residence Life recently postponed the Room Selection Lottery, originally scheduled on the 4th of April. This announcement, made on the 1st of April, was first deemed as an April fool’s joke by many of the resident students, but was later quashed by the Office of Residence Life. Many students were furious about the postponement of the Room Selection Lottery while others wondered why ResLife had done this. Rumors surfaced that ResLife had done this because many of the sports teams were leaving for their games that particular weekend and would be unavailable. Others said that the Room Selection Lottery was postponed because the school was closing down, an April INSIDE THIS ISSUE : fool’s joke, courtesy of the PauwWow’s Editorial Staff. In order to find out more about the Room Selection Lottery, the PauwWow contacted Michael De Jager, Coordinator of Operations, at the office of Residence Life. Mike’s response was plain and simple. The Office of Residence Life received a huge number of applications from returning students who wanted to live on campus. In order to reasonably accommodate all these applicants, ResLife had to push back the date so they could explore every possible option. According to Mike, “We are doing our best as an office so that all students who want to live on campus gets an opportunity to do just that.” Currently, the Office of Residence Life is closely working with the Office See Housing on Page 9 OPINION PAGE 3 NEWS PAGE 5 Cars Get the Boot By Michael Murcia Contributing Writer, ‘09 The parking situation at Saint Peter’s College has been the topic of an ongoing debate. With the college’s location in the middle of Jersey City’s urban West Side district, it is not hard to believe that parking has always been CALENDAR PAGE 7 a hassle. Lately, the college has worked very well to provide parking lots to faculty, administration, staff, residents, commuters, and evening students. The re-opening of Parking Lot #3, located next to the Yanitelli Recreational Center, between Kennedy Boulevard and West Side Avenue, has helped increase the See Boot on Page 7 VARIETY PAGE 9 ARTS PAGE 10

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