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THE PAUW WOW VOL. LXXXII, NO. 7 SAINT PETER’S COLLEGE STUDENT NEWSPAPER SINCE 1933 ADVICE, WISDOM FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY 38th Annual Symposium at Waterfront DECEMBER 2, 2009 Senate Throws Ball BY LUDI NSIMBA Staff Writer ’09 Distinguished alumni and prominent guests offered a ray of hope to students and business professionals at the Regents Business Symposium this past Friday. Speakers provided feedback and insight on the failure of the American and global economy and worked to build trust and confidence in the recovery. Byron Pitts, chief national correspondent for CBS network and 60 Minutes correspondent, offered inspiration to the Symposium. He praised the age-old values of hard work and optimism, SHELLEY KUSNETZ PHOTOGRAPHY detailing his own journey Ali Velshi, Chief Business Correspondent, CNN speaking at the to success. He encouraged Business Symposium at Hyatt Regency, Jersey City. students to achieve and take emphasized the need for complete keys to succeeding. opportunities in school to Kathleen Fitzgerald, an SPC transparency in business dealings the end of making a difference and and current Chief and heralded the building of trust contribute at least one success for graduate humanity. When asked how his communications Officer for KPMG, and confidence in investments as the optimism has carried him throughout delivered an extensively informative key to a full recovery. The symposium was filled with his career, Pitts stated that an presentation created from the facts optimistic outlook and dedication are that her firm gives to its clients. She both serious dialog and lighter On Monday November 9, 2009, Saint Peter’s College held the Presidential Ball on campus at the McIntyre Lounge, welcoming and celebrating the Class of 2013 and the 2013 executive board and senators with honored guest Dr. Eugene J. Cornacchia. Expertly decorated with style and class, the mood in McIntyre lounge evoked the autumn season wonderfully. Every table had a program for the event set out for each guest. Along each agenda, there was a leaf and a bookmark, made by Brandon Hightower, with famous presidential quotes such as: “associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for ‘tis better to be alone than in bad company,” by George Washington. Although guests were greeted by the traditional decorative pumpkins, the execution of the presentation was far from forgettable. The opening of the Ball was presented by Noel Borges, president of Student Senate, followed by the hosts of the night: Stephanie Pompilus, Brandon Hightower, and Ludi Nsimba. Before dinner was served, the guests were entertained with performances by Jayron Mainor, who played the piano, Nicole Ortiz, who sang a ballad from Whitney Houston, Saint Peter’s College Dance Team, who performed a Praise Worship dance, Argus Eyes Drama Society, who presented a skit of their Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 and Voices of Praises, who sang a gospel song by Donnie McClurkin. After the performances, Brandon Continued at Pg. 5 Continued at Pg. 6 BY ALEXANDRA CROSSETT Staff Writer ’12 INSIDE THIS ISSUE : OPINION PAGE 3 NEWS PAGE 5 VARIETY PAGE 8 ARTS PAGE 11 SPORTS PAGE 14

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