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“We are no longer an experiment. We are worthy of your investment.” Building a Brighter Tomorrow — David Toland, Thrive executive director Clip & Save Thrive Become a Thriver! Join us in our efforts to make Allen County safer, healthier and more attractive. All gifts of time and participation are appreciated. Donations are tax deductible. Call 620-3658128 or or come visit us at 12 W. Jackson, Iola, Kansas 66749. 2012 “Community Conversation” Schedule Clip & Save Clip & Save Allen County February 20 LaHarpe Community Center April 16 Mildred Methodist Church Annex Building June 18 Petrolia - Location TBD August 20 Iola - Thrive Office Conference Room 12 W. Jackson October 15 DESIGNED BY The Iola Register Gas - Crossroads School ALL THRIVE MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC All meetings will begin at 7 p.m. Clip & Save Making Allen County a better place to live Thrive Allen County 8 620-365-8128 Thrive Allen County 2012

2012 Thive Special

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