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Mary, Queen of Apostles Mary plays a notable role in Pauline spirituality. The Pauline Family has the mission of making Jesus Christ known, imitated, and lived as the Master. It will carry out this privileged mission in a holy manner by making Mary, Teacher, known, loved, and invoked. She gave the world Jesus Master, who is the blessed fruit of her womb. Pauline teaching will be immensely more effective if it is inspired, guided and comforted by Mary: "With her help you will not grow tired," we sing in one of the Marian hymns. No one would want to deprive him/herself of such a great help. Pauline discipleship is to be wholly grafted onto Mary, who will form Jesus Christ in everyone. This means becoming Christians, apostles, saints. (Cf. Alberione, CISP, p. 1338) Devotion to Mary, which is a part of the Pauline spirit, has two ends for us: our religious sanctification and the pastoral apostolate, that is, reaching out to all men and women,"To Jesus through Mary." Write well of Mary because she is the way to go to Jesus, the easiest way. (Alberione, Ariccia, meditation notes, 1936) The Pauline Family aspires to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, Way, Truth, and Life, totally in the spirit of St. Paul, under the gaze of the Queen of the Apostles. (Alberione, AD 93)

Mary, Queen of Apostles

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