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Paranormal Volume 3, Issue 5 Underground ™ May 2010 Ken Gerhard: Monster Hunter Ghost Ship: The Flying Dutchman Special Report: Cops & The Paranormal Banshees: Death Omen or Folklore? Ghost Hunter Case Files: The Lehmann House Also Inside: • PRI-ME Brings Clients Peace of Mind • The Haunted Victor Hotel • Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire • Equipment Update: Raudive Diode • Review: The Lovely Bones • TV Watch: Psychic Kids • Diary From a Haunted Hotel Next Issue Sneak Peek: • The Ghost Bus of Highway 93 • The Haunted Robert Lang Studios • The Kingman UFO Crash of 1953 • What Is the Dover Demon? • Spirit Time: The Time Frame of a May 2010 Paranormal Underground 1 ghost • Famous Channelers

May 2010 Paranormal Underground

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