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RE: FASHION_ONE TO WATCH NICKI COZZOLINO Written by JESSICA YOUNG BLACKEYE Photographed by MARIO DE ARMAS Designs by NICKI COZZOLINO Styling by MICHAEL RAY SOLIS Hair by STEFANO GRECO Makeup by VICTOR HENAO Photo Assistant CHRIS LINN Wardrobe Assistant EWA KARCZ Models ALICE & ANDREIA CONTREIRAS @ Q MANAGEMENT Anyone worth their fashion cred has probably overused the phrase “effortless-chic”. The ultimate accolade within fashion journalism’s obsessive use of hyphenated adjectives, “effortless-chic” is a sort of oxymoronic style pinnacle that when both sides are precariously balanced, fashion magic happens. In relation to standout collections, it is the nuanced equilibrium between design-for-design and design-forfunction that’s so married together it’s almost impossible to discern between the two. It’s not every day a contemporary collection champions “effortless-chic” in both senses. Built to endlessly mix and match like any collection worth its premium pricing, Nicki Cozzolino’s eponymous label debuts to the NYC contemporary scene this fall. Like the cool, new girl at school that everyone’s mesmerized with but not sure why, Nicki Cozzolino exudes that je ne sais quoi that’s best served with subtlety. 27

November 2012 "Tomorrowland" Issue

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