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The Campanile PALO ALTO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT PALO ALTO HIGH SCHOOL 50 EMBARCADERO RD. PALO ALTO, CA 94301 Palo Alto Senior High School NON-PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAI D PALO ALTO PERMIT #44 Since 1918 Vol. 93, No. 10 50 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301 • Launer’s replacement announced Silver Creek High School teacher to be Student Activities Director By Elena Pinsker Technology Editor Kindel Launer resigned as the Associated Student Body advisor and will be replaced by Silver Creek High School Japanese teacher Matthew Hall. Launer served two years as Palo Alto High School’s ASB advisor, but will return next year as part of Paly’s English department. Hall has a record as a Japanese teacher, and sent a group of his students to win the national Japan Bowl. He will leave that position to be a part of the Paly community next year. Hall will begin his job with a new ASB staff. “I hope the new director is willing to try new things,” Uma Veerapan, ASB president, said. “The purpose of ASB is to promote activities that engage the entire student body, so in order to do that, we need to be willing to instigate new events and activities,” Veerappan says she is looking forward to working with the new advisor. Hall will enter the ASB scene along with a new group of students, who will make changes and new decisions together. “I think that having a new teacher advisor will bring the students involved in ASB closer,” Veerappan said. “Everyone will have to work together in order to ensure success. I am anxious to meet the new teacher advisor to see what [his] thoughts are for next year.” Hall just finished his last year at Silver Creek High School, and will be leaving the Thunderously Hip Japanese Program at Silver Creek to join the Paly administration next year. He is excited to work with the new staff at Paly and the students, who are all ready to accept a new ASB advisor. Friday, June 3, 2011 Uma Veerappan to be 2011-2012 ASB President By Ben Krasnow Features Editor courtesy of santa cruz sentinel Silver Creek High School teacher Matt Hall will be taking Launer’s place as ASB Student Advisor. After finishing his last year at the school Japanese Program, he will join the Paly administration. DeSean Jackson visits campus, delivers speech By Charlie Dulik Staff Writer asa mathat photography Back row: Troy D. Byrd, EstherWojcicki, DeSean Jackson, Donovan Warren and Ray Luv; Front row: Leila Steinberg and Byron Jackson Five hundred students welcomed professional football player and twotime Pro Bowler DeSean Jackson who visited Palo Alto High School on Friday, May 20, along with his brother Byron, NFL player from the Pittsburg Steelers Donovan Warren, local rapper Ray Luv and educator and non-profit founder Leila Steinberg to discuss the importance of staying in school and working hard to achieve one’s dreams. Jackson and the other guests came on behalf of the Alternative Intervention Models (AIM), an organization created by Steinberg that helps youth in urban environments be provided with a better education. Steinberg added that AIM brings artists, musicians and athletes to tell the stories of their youth and how they worked hard to become successful. The group had been invited after Jackson’s manager attended journalism teacher Esther Wojcicki’s talk at Entertainment Gathering in Monterey. The program that got Jackson involved had worked with such famous people as Steve Wozniack. The event opened with Ray Luv performing an original rap about working hard in school and introducing the speakers. The group of speakers had recently visited McClymonds High School in Oakland, and while speaking of their 70 percent dropout rate, Steinberg reminded students that not all schools provide as exceptional an education as Paly. “We don’t educate everybody equally,” Steinberg said. “We have two educational systems, one for those in poverty and one for those in privilege, and I made it my life’s work to make a difference to those that started out [in the former].” Steinberg, who managed artist Tupac Shakur, went on to speak about The elections for the Associated Student Body president, vice-president and treasurer for the 2011-2012 school year were held on the Quad during lunch last week. The new ASB president is Uma Veerappan, the Vice-President is Maddie Kuppe and the treasurer is Kevin Wang. Veerappan has had years of experience serving in ASB, serving as sophomore class president two years ago and ASB vice-president this year. Veerappan’s goals for the year include better communication. “My main goals are to improve ASB’s transparency and increase communication with the student body,” Veerappan said. Veerappan feels that students do not fully understand what ASB does and what it stands for, and because of this she wishes to clarify what ASB does for the student body. Veerappan cited how the ASB budget works as a specific example. ASB is currently working on a five-year budget plan that is mostly finalized but will not be put into action until next year. Veerappan also said that ASB’s new advisor in the fall will be involved in the budget process. The budget is also a topic of controversy after a story in The Campanile showed that ASB had huge budget excesses of over $200,000. Veerappan said that she wants decrease prom spending and spend more on other social events such as ice cream socials. “I think that there is a difference between an expensive and fancy prom and a fun prom,” Veerappan said. “We should aim for having a fun prom.” Another issue Veerappan wants to address is the 4th period representative system. Currently, each 4th period class has 10 minutes for representatives to discuss what they have learned. Veerappan feels that teachers ignore what this time is supposed to be used for, and teach instead. Veerappan believes that using this time for its intended purpose will also help to increase ASB’s transparency. One issue that has been controversial among students is parking permit prices. Veerappan said that the prices are high because they make up for budget deficiencies in other areas. “The reason that parking permits is so high is because not enough people buy ASB cards,” Veerappan said. “If more students buy ASB cards then the parking permit prices will go down.” Veerappan wants to make the ASB cards more popular by offering increased benefits with the purchase of the card. For example, the price of prom with an ASB card may be $15 to $20 off instead of this year’s $10 off. Kuppe also has experience serving in ASB, as junior class president this past year and as the sophomore class vice president. Kuppe wants to make ASB run more smoothly this upcoming year. “My personal goal is to make everything more organized,” Kuppe said. Kuppe is responsible for the day-to-day operations of ASB this upcoming year and making sure that each person follows through with their responsibilities. This includes everything from clubs to ASB elections. See JACKSON, Page A3 Korean War veteran Early semester plan starts in 2012 to receive ‘11 diploma Finals will take place before winter break By Hannah Totte Editor in Chief As the Class of 2011 receives its diplomas on June 9, families and friends will congratulate the young graduates on the prospects of their bright futures. One graduate this year, however, will look back to his past instead. Korean War Veteran Eugene Finely Bradford will graduate with the seniors this June, receiving the diploma that he was unable to attain in 1953, his should-havebeen graduation date, because of his service in the Marine Corps. This year, Bradford’s sister, Cynthia Baxter, contacted the District Office and inquired into whether or not Bradford could graduate along with Palo Alto High School’s current seniors in June. “I am so thrilled because I never thought of it,” Baxter said. “We were driving on El Camino and I was just about ready to turn into Churchill, and we were sitting there waiting for the light, and [Bradford] says ‘You know, one thing that I’ve wanted more than anything else, I’ve wanted to get a diploma from Paly High.’ And I turned in, and I talked to the woman that was in charge, and she was interested in the story.” Paly administrators called Bradford and arranged a meeting. After requesting necessary paperwork to confirm Bradford’s identity, the school coordinated with Bradford, arranging for him to receive his diploma at the end of this year. “They told me that I was the oldest man to ever graduate from Paly,” Bradford said. During his second year at Paly in 1952, Bradford decided to join the military, forgoing his See VETERAN, Page A3 By Layla Memar News Editor The Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Board of Education approved a new academic calendar for the 2012-2013 school year on May 10 that would place final exams before winter break, and require school to begin on Aug. 16 and end on May 30. This calendar shift was made in an effort to reduce student stress revolving around finals, with the assumption that having finals before winter break will allow for a relaxing, stressfree holiday for students. “I think that there has been interest in this community on this topic for quite a while,” PAUSD Superintendent Kevin Skelly said. Other schools in the area, such as Los Altos High School, hold finals before winter break, and their decision to INSIDE FEATURES News...................................A1-A3 Opinion..........................A4-A6 Sports..............................A7/A9-A10 Lifestyles...................................B1 Features.............................B2-B3/B8 Spotlight.............................B5-B7 A&E...............................B9/B11-B12 CIVIL WAR REENACTMENTS make the switch has had an influence on the Palo Alto school system. “[Other schools have] found that it’s been helpful for students in terms of giving them a break, and there’s some closure that goes with that,” Skelly said. A concern Skelly and many others had was that teachers were not in full compliance with the policy of not assigning homework over winter break. Survey data suggested that a majority of students were being given work to do to over break. “There was a worry that kids still felt pressure even if they didn’t have that to do work,” Skelly said. Skelly hopes that ending the semester before winter break will allow students to have a real break without constantly having to worry about Five historic battles were reenacted in Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton over Memorial Day weekend. Two hundred volunteers participated in the annual event. Brian benton/campanile PAGE B2 A&E schoolwork. Some members of the Palo Alto community, however, are not in favor of the calendar change. “When I was involved in the process there were a couple issues [that] I saw,” Palo Alto High School economics teacher Debbie Whitson said. “First was the issue of putting finals week in December, which is already a busy time of year, rather than leaving it in January.” Skelly, though, contests that placing final exams before winter break in an already busy month of December is not something that other schools in the area have not been able to work through. While having finals before winter break could be considered cramming too many things in at once, some think See 2012, Page A3 creative commons UNDER THE SEA Tidepooling provides a creative way to explore underwater sea creatures. PAGE B11 FEATURES riki rattner/Campanile MATH GENIUSES Local students work together on their mathematical theories outside of class. PAGE B8 OPINION alex lin/campanile SENIORS BARE ALL Seniors traditionally streaking through quad should not be severely punished. PAGE A6


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