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Vol. XXXV, Number 10 N December 13, 2013 Palo Alto may put off ban on living in cars Page 5 /cRcP]\A]QWSbgĂ‚aO\\cOZb`ORWbW]\ bOYSaab]QY]TbVSabObS]TbVSPW`Ra eWbVa][S`O`SZ]QOZTW\Ra ^OUS " Donate to the HOLIDAY FUND page 8 Spectrum 20 Eating Out 30 Shop Talk 31 Movies 32 Holidays 34 NArts What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Page 28 NHome Adding a personal touch to holiday gifts Page 39 NSports Stanford senior class bows out as the best Page 56

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