Issuu on Google+ Vol. XXXIV, Number 2 N October 18, 2013 Fall Real Estate 2013 Inside this issue A PUBLICATION OF THE ALMANAC AND PA L O A LT O W E E K LY Fall Real Estate special section STRATEGIZING FOR SUCCESS IN A FAST-PACED MARKET A WHOLE NEW IMAGE FOR SAN ANTONIO CORRIDOR WHAT’S HAPPENING AT THE HIGH END? PAGE 6 PAGE 14 PAGE 20 CONDOS: BEWARE THE FINE PRINT CASH COWS OR MAJOR HEADACHES? PAGE 36 PAGE 42 More than just Fantasy Live Action Role Playing league offers kids a chance to explore their imaginations page 30 Transitions 16 Spectrum 18 Eating Out 25 Movies 27 Home 36 Puzzles 61 NNews City weighs funding for infrastructure Page 5 NArts Film salutes ’82 nuclear-freeze campaign Page 22 NSports Girls golf success par for course Page 63

2013 10 18 paw section1

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