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Home&Real Estate OPEN HOME GUIDE 44 Also online at Home Front WHAT’S WRONG? ... UC Master Gardeners are offering a free workshop called “What’s wrong with my plant?â€? from 10 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 6, at the Palo Alto Demonstration Garden at Eleanor Pardee Park (garden entrance on Center Drive near Martin Avenue). Participants are asked to bring fresh samples of insect or plant problems for diagnosis, as large as possible (a small branch rather than a leaf); or to bring photos of the affected plant. Bring in plants that aren’t thriving, “volunteersâ€? that simply showed up one day or anything that’s puzzling you. Information: Master Gardeners at 408-282-3105, between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday or TOP AGENTS ... Mary and Brent Gullixson of Alain Pinel Realtors, Menlo Park, were the #4 team, with sales of $266 million, according to the Wall Street Journal and RealTrends’ list of the Top 250 Team Real Estate Professionals by sales volume for 2012. Others mentioned as top teams in the country were Carol Carnevale and Nicole Aron, Alain Pinel Realtors, Menlo Park (#106 with $90 million sales volume), Elaine Berlin White of Coldwell Banker, Menlo Park (#179 with $70 million) and Ginny and Joe Kavanaugh of Coldwell Banker, Portola Valley (#250 with $61 million). Local real-estate agents among the top 50 on the Top 250 list, for individuals, included Ken DeLeon, of DeLeon Realty, Palo Alto, at #18 with $204 million in sales; Keri Nicholas, of Coldwell Banker, Menlo Park, at #30 with $156 million; Scott Dancer, of Coldwell Banker, Woodside, at #35 with $141 million; and Tom LeMieux, of Coldwell Banker, Menlo Park, at #41 with $132 million. Other top sellers included Kathy Bridgman, Alain Pinel Realtors, Los Altos; David Troyer, Intero Real Estate Services, Los Altos; Hugh Cornish, Coldwell Banker, Menlo Park; Rich Bassin, Alain Pinel, Menlo Park; Ephraim Luzon, Intero, Los Altos; Hanna Shacham, Coldwell Banker, Menlo Park; Judy Bogard-Tanigami , Alain Pinel, Los Altos; Lan Liu Bowling, DeLeon Realty, Palo Alto; Erika Demma, Coldwell Banker, Woodside; Billy McNair, Coldwell Banker, Menlo Park; Juliana Lee, Keller Williams Realty, Palo Alto; Dominic Nicoli, Intero, Los Altos; Marc Roos, Sereno Group, Los Altos; and Grace Wu, Alain Pinel, Palo Alto. Information: https://realtrends. com/products/rt1000 N Send notices of news and events related to real estate, interior design, home improvement and gardening to Home Front, Palo Alto Weekly, P.O. Box 1610, Palo Alto, CA 94302, or email Deadline is one week before publication. Left: Fay Miller’s “Slinky Tableâ€? Above: Bob Kliss’ “Valentine BOBtanicalâ€? Artists share their stories before displaying work at the Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival by Karishma Mehrotra Photos courtesy of Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival B efore 2004, Deme Theofanous knew nothing about being an artist, other than watching a video about glass-blowing in second grade. Now, along with more than 150 California artists, she will present her clay and glass pieces at the 21st annual Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival on July 13 and 14 at the Palo Alto Art Center. As in years past, the Association of Clay and Glass Artists will host thousands of guests to peruse the various art collections and purchase the ones they enjoy, witness live art demonstrations and even make clay sculptures themselves. Theofanous said she never expected to be at this festival, but throughout her life, the memory of that glass-blowing video stuck with her. “I joked with people that I was going to be a glass blower when I grew up,â€? she said. But instead, she stuck to the path that her parents wanted for her: business school. One day, though, Theofanous decid- ed to make a change. “I thought, ‘You know, I really don’t have to do something that I don’t enjoy,â€? she recalled. Theofanous said she used this moment to restart her life and “find something Peter Vizzusi works in his glass studio. more true to (her) passion and (her) art.â€? Soon enough, she found herself in a class learning to make glass beads and jewelry. She said she never knew what the phrase “my callingâ€? meant until now. “That was kind of my start,â€? Theofanous said. “I took that first class and I knew. I guess the way to describe it is that I’ve always gotten straight A’s but never felt like anything was a natural thing for me.â€? Not only did she find her calling in that class, she also found Dean Benson. They soon became romantically and professionally involved, launching a new art-business venture together called Avolie Glass, based in San Francisco. Pieces from the Surf & Sand series by Dean (continued on page 39) Bensen and Demetra Theofanous ĂœĂœĂœÂ°*>Â?ÂœÂ?ĂŒÂœ"˜Â?ˆ˜i°VÂœÂ“ĂŠUĂŠ*>Â?ÂœĂŠÂ?ĂŒÂœĂŠ7iiÂŽÂ?ÞÊUĂŠĂ•Â?ÞÊx]ÊÓä£ÎÊU Page 37

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